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We are pregnant with our second child, first son. He is due on July 8, 2012, 4 days after his big sister Poppy’s second birthday. At 18 weeks he was diagnosed with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). His is on the left side. CDH is a diaphragm that hasn’t fully formed, allowing abdominal organs in to the chest cavity and restricting the growth of lungs and possibly heart. Luckily, our little man’s heart is fine, but his big lung is only 30% of the size it should be. This gives him a 50% chance of survival. Although the repair is simple, there is no way of telling if his lungs will be strong enough or have the necessary development to support life. For now it’s just a waiting game until he is born and the battle begins. I started this blog to keep all the wonderful people around us up to date and to try to solicit positive vibes for our little guy. Thank you for checking in.
The Wessons


  1. Stacey R permalink

    You have a great blog! I dont know if you are involved with CHERUBS or other CDH groups, but there are several out there with lots of people supporting and praying for these babies and their families. They are also on Facebook (if you are into the social networking). My baby girl had CDH so I know what you are going through and what you have been through. I wish you all the best! Keep your faith as you have been doing.

  2. Ross Sumner permalink

    Social Media is amazingly good at reconnecting people……Great vibes and positivity T-Man!

  3. Tanya permalink

    Loving the blog…..go Oliver I say. With baby steps, Oliver will show CDH who’s who :)….btw, the pic with Oliver looking ‘gorgeous for daddy’ should be part of Children’s hospital campaigns…..a hopeful, yet critical picture….it’s perfect….I’ll be watching Oliver every step of the way :)….best of luck

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