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A year with all his organs in the right place

July 20, 2013

A year ago Dr. Cox decided Oliver was stable enough to have surgery. A year ago today Dr. Himidan wheeled him off to the operating room, but not before promising me that she would do the surgery exactly the way uncle Dave had taught her. A year ago today Oliver became whole. She put her hands inside his 18 day old body and put everything in the right place, giving him the best possible gift, a chance at life. Thank you sick kids for giving us Oliver.

A year ago today Oliver’s cousin Eliza was born (happy birthday beautiful girl!)  A year ago today Oliver finally began his journey to wellness. A year ago today the world became such a better place. July 20th will always be one of my favorite days.

Thank you to everyone who donated for Oliver’s birthday, together we raised nearly $5,000 for CDH research!







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  1. Wow, how time flies. So happy to hear you raised money for Oliver’s birthday, that’s just amazing. With all you’ve been through, by reading your posts, by looking at your pictures, you really are one of the luckiest people after all and I’m happy for you all.

  2. Once again, you have reached in and touched my deepest, most heartfelt emotions. My deepest, most heartfelt emotions. Thank-you for that…. ;-D
    Happy one year of Oliver being healthy!! I am praying that he continues to thrive!! ;-D
    Wait. What?! You earned $5,000 for CDH research?! Way to go!! ;-D

  3. It has been over one month since you last posted on this Blog!! I am missing Oliver, my Kindred Spirit CDH Buddy!! 😉

  4. Hi!! I created another Blog today–just for diverse Writing Projects!!–check it out at this address, if you would like!! 😉
    http://writing– .

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