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Captain Booger Pants: Nov 23, 2012

November 28, 2012

We are so lucky to have the most incredible health care workers taking care of Oliver. Last week we went for Oliver’s four month appointment at his pediatrician. He got his immunizations along with his RSV shot. RSV is basically a really bad cold, and to you or I it means nothing. To CDHers it can literally be the end. When they get sick their already damaged and underdeveloped lungs have to work extra hard, and their hearts have to pick up the slack. This can result in pulmonary hypertension, which can be deadly. On November 1st, 19 month old CDH warrior Erin died from her pulmonary hypertension, triggered by a bout of RSV the previous spring. It’s scary stuff. So for flu season the government pays for RSV shots for at-risk kids. It doesn’t stop it, but it minimizes the symptoms, hopefully giving the babies a fighting chance. (note: please don’t come near any Wesson if you’re sick) Anyway, back to where I was going. We got to the doctors and were immediately ushered in to the exam room. “Don’t ever spend any time out there” Nurse Suzanne told us. Love them. Dr Flanders said they don’t normally treat parents, but would I like my flu shot too? She’d stayed up til 2am reading Oliver’s blog. Who’s heard of a doctor that commuted? Amazing. Poppy came along for her flu shot too, and Suzanne got the amazing and lovely receptionist to watch each baby while the other got poked. It was like being at Sick Kids, supported, cared for, loved. I’m telling you, CDH has been tough, but it has truly shown me the most beautiful side of humanity. People are good. They are kind and loving when you let them be.

This week Oliver has reported for duty as Captain Booger Pants. It could be winter sniffles. I’m keeping him warm and inside and snuggled and humidified until it goes away. It’s not major, he doesn’t have a fever, his breathing is unaffected. He just has a lot of boogers and a less than stellar appetite. I’m hoping to ride this one out at home. It’s likely that I will begin having panic attacks more frequently now that it’s cold and flu season. When you can dope your kid on Tylenol and snuggle with a giant pile of books it’s not so bad. When you are worried about their heart and lungs and heading back to the hospital it’s a bit harder to keep calm and carry on.

This week a lot of people close to me have been dealing with major health issues. Cancer, surgery, high risk pregnancies, dying parents, and further CDH battles. It’s horrible and it’s awful and it is so incredibly unfair. But to watch these people face their challenges with strength, courage and grace is uplifting. They are inspiring and amazing and I feel so blessed to have come through this battle with Oliver and to know that as dark as days seem right now for my loved ones, there is light ahead. If you could spare prayers for strength and healthy outcomes for these people I know they could use them. Xo







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  1. Lyn permalink

    While I’m happy for an update, I suddenly am wishing Spring was here and cold and flu season behind us. Here’s to a mild winter and minimal germs!
    You and your family continue to be in my prayers.

  2. Ahhh.. an Oliver fix. Thanks! I feared that things were not going well for you. I am glad to see a happy Oliver and Poppy. I will keep your family in my prayers.

  3. Michelle Goleski... permalink

    Thanks for the update…. I’m always thinking of Oliver and his family…. Stay healthy and have a wonderful Christmas… xox

  4. Mom of two permalink

    Awww how cute are they!! Hoping that Ollie gets better soon and then has a cold-free winter. Extra prayers and positive vibes sent to your closest as well.

  5. Laura permalink

    Oh your babies are TOO cute!!! Hoping for a healthy winter season and a GREAT Christmas for you guys with some incredible memories 🙂

  6. Nancy permalink

    Been following your story from almost the Beginning… I actually ran into your Husband today who i recongized from your blog and probably freaked him out when i said i Know him but he doesnt know me lol!! Glad To hear how well Oliver’s been doing!!! All the best to you and hope the cold and flu season passes quickly!!!:)

  7. Such cute pictures! It sounds like you have a wonderful doctor, and office to take the little ones to! I am just starting a CDH journey – my first little boy is due in Feb 2013 and he was diagnosed about 10 weeks ago. Thanks for sharing your story!

  8. Wonderful report, Alex. Praying for all your friends….and always for you, too.

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