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No More Injections! Nov 7, 2012

November 8, 2012

My gorgeous little four month old doesn’t get injections anymore! We went for enoxaparin levels at the beginning of October and they were fine so we didn’t have to adjust the dose, just continue with twice daily injections until his appointment with Thrombosis on Oct 24th. Then it was 3 months and we were allowed to stop! Oliver had an ultrasound that day, which he smiled and cooed through, in great contrast to previous shrieking sessions. The clot is still there but it’s calcified, so it’s not going to get any bigger. He’ll have to go every 18 months to check for swelling and eventually they’ll run tests to see if he’s predisposed to clotting, but for now we can stop thinking about it! The great thing about stopping injections, beyond simply no longer needing to stab our child, is that now Ollie sleeps in! He can go til 8:20 some mornings! It really messes with my morning walk, but is excellent for my dark circles πŸ˜‰ He’s also started on a great nap schedule this week. A short one in the morning, 2-3 hours midday and another short one in the evening. I have nothing to do with this and am totally guilty of rocking him to sleep so if anything I’m a saboteur but I sure am enjoying it!

I got a cold this month, which was terrifying. I was all ready to take Oliver to the ER at the first sign of a sniffle, but Ping talked me down. But I still packed our family up and ran away to my parents house so I could rest up and not touch him as often, reducing his risk of infection. And miraculously it worked! It was really hard to not cover him in slobbery kisses but I was happy with the end result.

At his CDH clinic appointment on Oct 29th everything looked good! Dr Himidan is thrilled with him and she made me well up when she told me he is the most important patient she’s ever had (with the Uncle Dave connection and all). He was an angel during his X-ray (see photo) which showed that his little nub is gaining some ground. Not to get too excited, we won’t know til he’s 6 if it’s good for anything, but it’s displacing some of the fluid in his chest and we all know how much I hate fluid. He weighs 12.9 lbs which is between the third and 15th percentile, so he’s moving on up and making Mommy very proud!

I dressed him as a pumpkin on numerous occasions this month, and by all accounts that is freaking adorable. He had a pumpkin patch photo shoot with Poppy (whom he adores) as well as his Sick Kids visit when we popped in on our ICU friends between appointments, as well as on a visit to my school on Halloween and out trick or treating. He was meant to be a dog on the big night but he threw up all over that idea.

We’ve mastered multiple positions for eating so I decided it was time for my big guy to move on to level 1 nipples (which are for newborns) from the P for preemie nipples he’s been using. He drinks 150 mls 6x a day and as you can imagine its painfully slow through these P bad boys. So Wednesday we made the switch. And now we have this super fun pattern of: eat half the bottle, throw it all up, wait an hour, eat other half of bottle (puking optional). By super fun I mean freaking horrific. So I emailed his NP Ping and his OT Ashley and we’ve gone back to Ps for a bit and when we try again in a week or two I’ll pace him more.

Other adventures in Ollie-land include lots of Science Center visits, dips in the pool and a massive love of bath time. Not on his own, though. Only in the big tub with Poppy and Mommy.

He’s great, we’re great, you’re great! Xo









Getting his chest x ray at his appointment







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  1. Bambie permalink

    I was just thinking about Ollie today and wondering how he (and you) were doing. I know you don’t know me but your story has touched my heart. So so happy to hear about no more injections!

  2. Michelle Goleski... permalink

    So glad to hear that things are going well… Keep it up Oliver… Love the pics…

  3. Susan Wesson permalink

    I remember putting Gareth in those Xray stands – I figured Houdini must have designed them! What a wonderful update! I’ll bet all my Ollie fan friends will be over the moon – I am!


  4. Belle permalink

    Thank you soooo much for the update πŸ™‚
    Ollie looks amazing and Poppy is a stunning young woman and awesome big sister. I’m so glad to hear Ollie Boy is thriving!!!! This is fantastic news. Go Ollie!!!!

  5. Mom of two permalink

    Such a great update Alex! Yay for Ollie not getting injections anymore, awesome news! And yay for sleeping in-there’s a luxury parents don’t usually get…which also comes with the realization that you don’t actually need 8 hours of sleep to function properly lol. πŸ™‚

  6. Ann Friedman permalink

    I was just thinking about you all today and wondering what the kids were for Halloween. I couldn’t be more thrilled to see how wonderful Ollie looks. He seems like such a happy guy. Poppy, too, looked pretty sweet rocking the leather jacket and boots. Like Julia says, you guys are the coolest parents!

    Hope to see you all someday soon. xo Ann

  7. So nice to see an update and that you are all doing well. He is such a handsome young man. I love the leaf picture!

  8. Love the X-ray stands. I used to do them too. Haha aaahhh memories.

  9. Tanya permalink

    Pictures are worth a thousand words…..Life is good for you guys…….so happy for all!!!!

  10. Such a great update! So awesome to see the amazing progress he is making. Those pumpkin patch pics are too cute!! And his moustache soother is the best. He has so much personality already. Great to see so much continued happiness for you and your little fam!!

  11. lyn permalink

    Oh, I’m so happy to see such a wonderful update!! Your children are gorgeous!! I think of you and your family often; your story touched my heart. I check weekly for news from Ollie Land!!

  12. Touched by your story permalink

    va va va voom! such wonderful and exciting news about the cutest and bravest 4-month old ever. I just can’t stop thinking, wow. Look at him so brave in that xray contraption – as ingenious as it may be. No more enox – so so cool. And Poppy is the cutest little lady. Rockin those sun glasses. Your two kids are such blessings. Everything that Ollie has overcome. Wow. I too look forward to these updates and pix of the two of them growing up. Our adopted pen pals. Keep on keepin on, Ollie. Wow.

  13. Gail Lawson permalink

    Thanks for this wonderful update, & I love seeing the adorable pictures of Oliver& Poppy. You have sure been great parents through all of this, & I am sure that has helped Olliver with his recovery. Everything sounds so positive for a baby that was so sick. Congratulations on also surviving all that you have gone through, but it has sure been worthwhile. Love Gail Lawson

    Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2012 01:33:20 +0000 To:

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