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Happy Thanksgiving! Oct 6, 2012

October 7, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! We certainly have a lot to be thankful for this year… When 2012 started I knew I’d end the year with two kids. Then CDH showed up and I didn’t know that anymore. Then Oliver got here and fought tooth and nail to stick around, while showing us miracle after miracle along the way and bringing out the absolute best in the already amazing people in our lives. Now we’re back where I thought we’d be but with a completely different perspective. Certainly a more thankful one. An incredibly grateful one, in fact.

Oliver’s appointment yesterday went really well. It was surprisingly quick. We saw Ping, OT Ashley, Dietician Beth and Dr Himidan. His lungs sound good, his breathing looks better (still fast & some in-drawing but better), and he’s sticking to his growth curve. He weighs 11lbs 6oz now, which is 25th or 3rd percentile depending which growth chart you’re looking at. They look at the one that says 3rd. Dr Flanders looks at the one that says 25th. I prefer that one. No one can argue that his cheeks are impressive and bordering on needing a bra. Ashley said we can go ahead and try feeding him more on his back and move on to a level 1 nipple once he’s gotten good at that. She also gave me some tummy time tips as he mostly likes to just chew on his hand and wait till I give up. Beth gave us new recipes for breast milk and formula fortification and we’ve begun the transition! For now we’re doing 25% breast milk and 75% Portagen. He’s pretty happy with that. In a few days we’ll switch to 50/50 then 75/25 then 100% not Portagen. He’s still on 0.9 (regular formula and bm are 0.67) and all his meds are staying the same because it’s all working. Dr Himidan is thrilled with how well he’s doing and says he looks great! Couldn’t get better news than that! Now I sit and worry that the breast milk is starting the chyle back up again and that he’s going to get a cold and end up back in hospital. Why? Because I need something to worry about.

Next week we go in for Enox levels, then on Oct 24th we have thrombosis clinic, and on the 29th back to CDH clinic with an X-ray this time. Ping didn’t want to see us quite so soon but it was the day that was available so there we have it.

After our appointment we visited with all our beloved Sick Kids friends, the staff on 5B and then down to PICU to see our favorite miracle workers. I love those people so much. I picked up all my frozen breast milk, which has completely overtaken my friend Alex’s chest freezer (haha, chest) so Tim and I have decided we’ll have to get our own and when we’re done using it for milk, Tim will get half a cow. Obviously.

We’re driving home from our first Thanksgiving dinner of the weekend and Poppy is sleeping soundly in the back seat while Oliver is loudly sucking on his fingers. I’m not saying two kids is easy. As a matter of fact, I’d describe it as downright hard. Most nights I’m up at 2am trying to comfort Oliver so he can stay asleep through his tummy pains. And there’s no napping for mom because once 7 am hits it’s party time at Chez Wesson. But no matter how hard it is, I get to have Oliver and Poppy and they are amazing. Just having Oliver is such a miracle, one that I completely took for granted when I brought Poppy home and one I’ll never look at the same way again. I couldn’t be more thankful. Xo





Look at all that milk!





Apparently these eyelashes are attributable to TPN?




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  1. Holy milk! Congrats on starting the switch, hope everything goes smoothly.

    Have you had a chest x-ray yet? Not sure if they’ll use the same thing now because he’s so young, but Aiden gets stood up in this tube-thing, and we hold his hands up, and he SCREAMS. (But, they kind of like that, because it shows the lungs all open and working.)

    Those eyelashes are definitely TPN eyelashes. Aiden has them too.

  2. Lyn permalink

    Sounds like happy days in Ollie Land. I’m so glad that your days are now just the normal mom of 2 hard and not mom of critically ill hard. Love, love the updates!!!! I look for them everyday.

  3. Mom of two permalink

    Oooohhhh, the eyelashes!!!! Beautiful!!!! Well, all the pictures are obviously great (I also LOVE love love the first one where he’s sleeping with both arms above his head-babies are the cutest when they do that).
    Ollie is soooo awesome and super cute. Of course, Poppy is too. πŸ™‚
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family Alex!
    Ps. Holy breastmilk!!! There is a year’s supply in there lol. πŸ™‚

  4. Elinor Halpern permalink

    Dear Wesson family:
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. You are all an inspiration for us!

    With love,
    Elinor Halpern

  5. Jordana H. permalink

    Giving so much thanks for such an amazing family being so happy. Love you xoxo

  6. Jemma Chalmers permalink

    Happy Thanksgiving Wessons!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving, Alex and fam!!! So happy to see this update and to know that you are doing well at home. Love that you are switching to all breastmilk – amazing! Go you! And I giggled immaturely at your chest freezer joke. Heehee. I hope to meet you some day so that we can be silly CDH mamas together.
    Hope you enjoyed your day of gratitude… there really is lots more to be thankful for than we ever knew, eh? πŸ™‚
    Samuel’s mama

    • Oh Corinne absolutely! Dr Erin also hopes to one day meet you in clinic! May e we’ll get our acts together one day and head west πŸ™‚

  8. Tanya permalink

    I can’t remember what PTN is, but I’d buy a bottle if it’ll give me eyelashes like that…..fancy!!! He’s adorable and Poppy is too you look like you are doing a fantastic job getting it all together. You look gorgeous and so happy for things to be normal (ish) for you……it’ll only get better as days go by

  9. Belle permalink

    I so look forward to your updates of “normal life” with your family and thank you for continuing to let is in. Ollie and Poppy are so wonderful and sweet together – way to go mom and dad πŸ™‚

  10. That is so funny. We bought a stanf up deep freeze for milk and once we moved on from that, we filled it with a half cow. Go figure. I guess it’s just natural. Congratulations on your great clinic news (we have the same growth curve swing too).

  11. All’s well that ends well. Congratulations!

  12. Harriet Palmer permalink

    SO nice to see you guys are living a pretty much normal life. Put bio oil of something of the like on the scar and it helps it fade – not that it really matters. Are you for real about the TPN eyelash connection? Baxter’s are insane, they look like insect legs. How interesting

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