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Party time: Oct 4, 2012

October 5, 2012

Oliver is 3 months old and despite my best efforts I remain 30. Holy. As predicted, I had the best birthday ever; a result of the combination of Tim letting me sleep til 11 and my doppelgänger Alex throwing the most epic double 30th birthday party in history. Oh right, and CELEBRATING WITH THE BEST TWO KIDS A MOM COULD ASK FOR!!! With me, at home, alive, machine free, and charming as all get out 🙂 Oliver was a superstar at the party, and totally stole the show. He’s amazing. Poppy obviously had the best time of her life, there was a bouncy castle AND cupcakes! I will post after Oliver’s first clinic visit tomorrow, we’re finally getting off Portagen! On to fortified breast milk at last!!! Hopefully it’ll help settle his poor gorgeous baby tummy.

Photos by Linn Maria Reppe:






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  1. Joan Tyler. permalink

    Truly a gorgeous baby and most huggable………lovely pics, thank you for posting, Alex.

  2. AlexMac permalink

  3. Mom of two permalink

    Beautiful pictures Alex, it looks like you had a blast. The bouncy castle-what a brilliant idea!!! And it’s awesome to hear that Ollie is moving on to breastmilk, yaaaaay Ollie. He is getting so big and he is a beautiful little boy.
    Ps. I was just thinking how I miss your daily updates and bam, here is one! 🙂
    Good luck at the clinic tomorrow!!

  4. Ann permalink

    Alex, you look so beautiful and so does your sweet baby son. Oh, to be 30 again! Hope your birthday candle wish comes true, but by the sound of things, most of the important ones already have. Best to you and your little family. Xo Ann

  5. Touched by your story permalink

    Here Here for your birthday candle wish to come true. Ya, I can imagine that the most important wish has already been granted. Milestones are so fun in Ollie Land aren’t they? Here’s rooting for onto breast milk! He’ll be crawling and teething before we know it! Good luck at the clinic this week. Really looking forward to hearing all about it.

  6. lyn permalink

    Happy days for you and your beautiful family!!

  7. varla permalink

    Happy Birthday !! I hope all your wishes come true when you blow out those candles!!
    Once again, I have to tell you what an amazing and beautiful young woman you are !!
    Ollie is sooooo cute and you are such a great Mom for Ollie and Poppy !
    All good wishes for great news at the clinic this week !! I will be sending the most positive vibes !
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the entire family !!.

  8. Happy Birthay, Alex…such a happy one, thank God. Ollie is looking pretty impressive. Best wishes to you all.

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