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Nice and Boring: Sept 25, 2012

September 24, 2012

I have blessedly little to say but I’ve been getting requests for an update so this’ll be mostly photos. Two kids is a ton of work. Holy. Keeping them happy requires keeping my kitchen a hazmat zone but every mom has to deal with that. We’re getting pretty adept at medication administration and he rarely barfs them back up now. He is eating frequently during the day and trying to sleep through the night. He grunts and makes various other noises all night, though. So although he is sleeping, I am not.

Oliver throws up once or twice a day which means daily laundry and frequent bathing but that’s normal baby stuff. One of my amazing CDH mom friends sent me a novel about dealing with reflux and he seems to be coping a bit better now. She mentioned keeping him upright after eating in the exersaucer once he’s ready and I can’t wait for that! I think we were not adding quite enough water to his formula which was resulting in some runny poops, but I checked with Dr Erin and she explained it to me and now we’re back on poop track. Im hoping it helps with his gas.

There really is very little to tell. Ollie’s got his first CDH clinic on Oct 5, so maybe there’ll be more to say then? I’m turning 30 on Saturday and am so excited to have my two kids and gorgeous husband to celebrate with me.

Now for the pictures!










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  1. Celia permalink

    Love it! Thanks for the update, I’ve been checking back regularly to see if there’s been one! Both my kids puked a LOT more than twice a day until they were 8 months old. The laundry… oh the laundry. That’s one of the things I do not miss about having a newborn!! Hopefully Ollie will see the end of his pukey days soon! He’s adorable!!! And happy almost 30th!!

  2. lyn permalink

    Oh, what a treat to get an update today!! I remember those reflux/laundry days well. Seemed that I always had something soaking in Oxyclean! I love all the pictures of your darling kiddos, but the mustache binky one is worthy of a frame!
    Have a wonderful B’day Alex, you have so much to celebrate 🙂

  3. Lani permalink

    Keep these boring updates coming! Happy 30th!

  4. I couldn’t believe how much more work 2 kids were than one! This too shall pass. Happy 30th birthday, Alex. Have a wonderful day with your beautiful family.

  5. Touched by your story permalink

    Not boring at all! Thanks for bowing to the pressure of an update. I also think of Ollie every day and always look forward to hearing about his progress. Sounds like you’ve got a great handle on the meds, reflux and formula. It’ll be great when he can use the excersaucer. Totally agree that the mustache soother is a photo op keeper! Such innovative and cute stuff compared to when I had little ones (my baby is 23 – don’t tell him I said so – hahaha but he doesn’t read this blog so I think Im safe). Well, keep on keeping on and enjoy your birthday! Happy happy returns of the day. One of the silver linings of having gone thru “stuff”, is realizing that it is ssooooooo important to find every little thing to celebrate and then to celebrate big. So enjoy your day on Saturday!

  6. Valerie permalink

    Oliver has THE flyest gear I tell ya…that mustache paci is awesome! He looks really great!

  7. Mom of two permalink

    Boring is the new awesome! 🙂
    The pictures (especially ones of Poppy and Ollie) are priceless. They are beautiful kids. And happy birthday (on Saturday) Alex, it will truly be special in so many ways! I’m so happy for you!

  8. Jemma Chalmers permalink

    Happy birthday Alex! So pleased to hear Ollie is settling in and that having your whole family home is so wonderfully boring 🙂 Oh, the moustache…!

  9. Sarah permalink

    Hey I haven’t visited your blog in a while. Im from the July 2012 birth club on bbc and i am so ecstatic to see you guys are doing well. Last i saw you guys were dealing with that chile(sp?). You are such a strong woman for getting through everything and in every picture you have a smile on your face. You’re the definition of a mother and you obviously have a little fighter on your hands. Enjoy him mama you deserve it!

  10. lyndsey baker (syme) permalink

    hey ya , fab news that everything is boring!! Toby ( my little one ) Made a grunting noise ALLLLLL night .. or whenever he was sleeping . we called it his goat noise … i couldn’t sleep through it no matter what i tried . once the reflux got sorted , and the gas stopped torturing him ( around 4/ 5 months) it stopped. he still makes a few noises but NOTHING like the zoo noises that used to come from his crib!! I Eventually my hubby and i took turns sleeping in the room with him so one of us could get some sleep … i know this wont help you as im sure your just thanking your lucky stars that you have the opportunity to be kept awake by the grunting noises coming from your bubba!!
    have a fab birthday!!
    xx lyndsey

  11. Lovely pics and glad things have gotten boring. I am looking forward to juggling two kids soon too. Wish a wonderful birthday, a big milestone. Ollie and Poppy are such cuties. Enjoy your week,

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