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5 Days of Summer: Sept 16, 2012

September 17, 2012

Oliver has had a fantastic first week home. We’ve crammed an entire summer in to 5 days. We went to the zoo, the park (a few times), walking in the ravine (a lot – it keeps him calm), we visited the pediatrician and the whales, we went grocery shopping and had a rain day, we had baby friend play dates, visits with family, went to church and the farmers market, and even went to the Mandarin! It’s been pretty jam packed. He’s mostly in his bubble when we go out and there is a lot of hand sanitizer when I do let someone touch him (toddlers are not exempt) but its felt pretty normal. Like having a normal baby! Which is a pleasant change and one I was totally unprepared for.

There have been some super overwhelming moments. His reflux is bad. It hurts him a lot, but he’s on max doses of his meds so all we can really do is comfort him. He likes to vibrate, walking, the vibrating chair, driving, anything that feels like his oscillator days. The fortified high-protein Portagen is hard on his tummy so once the reflux lets up the gas starts. It’s hard to see him be so sad, he fought so hard and sometimes it looks like a pretty crummy reward. But it’s not constant and when he’s not suffering he’s an incredibly happy little guy. He can’t believe how awesome the world is. It’s amazing to see him seeing everything for the first time. Those giant eyes are really drinking it all in.

Having two kids at home is certainly more work than one, but mostly less than one at home and one at sick kids, so CDH did manage to give us an easy transition. It also gave Poppy an easy transition to big sisterdom and she is the best big sister ever. She’s not even scared when we give him his needles and gently rubs his head when he cries. She kisses him, hugs him, sings to him and dances for him to make him happy. I melt.

It is amazing to get back to the things we’ve missed. Poppy & I used to take Forrest (our chihuahua) on a 5k walk every day. That had to be put on hold, and it is so great to be back to it. Tim hasn’t been able to work out nearly all summer, now he and his dad are building a home gym in our garage. I haven’t been able to run since I got pregnant, but I’ve started again this week. I need to get a double jogging stroller so I can take them both with me, any suggestions from anyone on a good one you can put an infant sling in?

His first pediatrician visit went really well, he gained 125 grams in 3 days (woo hoo!) and is in the 25th percentile for height and weight. That might not sound like much but for a CDHer that’s pretty incredible. And his nurse is a blog reader! When I mentioned Ollie’s diaphragm she asked if he was Oliver from the blog! A friends mom suggested she follow our story because she’s a NICU nurse and thought she’d be interested. Such a funny coincidence! Oliver’s doctor also asked for the blog address and I now feel amazing about taking Oliver there because I know they are interested in and care about his specific story and they know his whole journey. It is very confidence-inspiring. Plus Ping said she thinks she’s a good doctor and Ping’s word is pretty much gospel around here.

So all in all we’ve loved our first week together and are sooo grateful that we got to bring Oliver home. I still cry every day because it doesn’t feel real. I guess I just didn’t let myself expect that this would happen. I was too busy preparing for the worst. This is the best! Tim goes back to work tomorrow and can do so happily; we’ve had time as a family, and when he gets home after work, his wife and two kids will all be here. There’s not much that’s better than that. Xo











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  1. Joan Tyler. permalink

    Excited for you…..happy days are here again……thank God.

  2. Brenda permalink

    Sounds like so much fun. I’m glad to hear about the hand sanitizer. No germs are welcome!

  3. I have been checking daily for an update and was glad to hear that your first week went great. I imagine you guys are on cloud 9 and so happy. Oliver looks like he is doing well and happy.

  4. lyn permalink

    Everyone looks and sounds very happy! I, too, have been checking daily…glad you’re too busy doing normal things to update daily. Please keep us in the loop as time allows. God bless.

  5. Mom of two permalink

    How sweet to read that Poppy is such a gentle little two year old and how she takes care of her little brother. That’s so awesome!
    I hope Ollie’s reflux and gas will let up soon, but he looks like such a content, happy baby, he really is lovely. And he is totally rocking the owl hat-so cute!
    As for the stroller-have you tried jogging with the city select? I’ve done it (you can lock the front wheels and if Poppy is in the seat closer to you, it’s easier to steer), but as it doesn’t have suspensions, it can get bumpy if you are not on an even terrain. Or you can always do a Jillian Michaels DVD workout…it makes you burn a billion calories and the kids will get a kick out of watching you-at least mine do lol… 🙂

  6. Rachael Morhall permalink

    So happy for you all!

  7. Tanya permalink

    I was thinking last night…..”I hope Alex blogs tonight”…..and voila, a great summary!!! Enjoy the week……..

  8. paula cooper permalink

    How wonderfully normal…glad Oliver is making up for lost time and getting to know his people and his world. The reflux is tough, but long term it does get better. Will message you a few things that helped us cope.

  9. Kate permalink

    I love how he found his nipples!

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