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Fem Line Free! Sept 6, 2012

September 7, 2012

Oliver’s femoral line is out! He finished his antibiotics so now his blood stream is foreign body free! Hooray! He’s finishing all his bottles like a champ and if he keeps it up we can say bye bye to that NG tube tomorrow! We’ll also have an ultrasound tomorrow to see about those pesky clots. If they’re gone or calcified we can stop his enoxaprin injections. Otherwise 6 more weeks of those. The H word has been thrown around. I am now in holding-my-breath mode praying for no hiccups to delay our exit (hopefully early next week!). Pray pray pray! This family needs to be under a single roof. Xo

Cute guy!

Cute girl!

Grandad holding Ollie while I eat my soup

Hoping next time you see this grin it’ll be tape and tube free!


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  1. Sarah permalink

    This is just so amazing!!!
    LOVE his face!! Keeping everything crossed that the “H” word gets to be used often, and very very soon!!!!

  2. Brenda permalink

    What a miracle this all is. I hope he is going to be a superhero for Halloween (at our house once school starts, thoughts turn immediately to Halloween!) Capes for everyone at your house!

  3. That smile! Wow!

  4. Bambie permalink

    Wonderful news!

  5. lyn permalink

    Oh, I agree!!! Super Hero capes for the whole family!! I’m praying for smooth sailing straight to the Lil’ mans’ front door.

  6. Touched by your story permalink

    see, there’s that light again. the light at the end of the tunnel. it’s a really bright light today! it’s gettin brighter every day! so many loose ends getting tied up. Fem line gone. Vanco gone. Tomorrow NG gone. Hiccups gone and/or controlled. Bottles “all gone”. Clots – gone or almost gone. Such a bright light today. Gonna need sunglasses next week!

  7. Mom of two permalink

    Oohhh Alex, will be praying super extra hard for no hiccups!!! So excited for you all!! Go Ollie go!!

  8. paula permalink

    Prayers for continued progress so that this blog can soon be written from the ‘H’ word.

  9. Lani permalink

    Home is on the horizon! Hooray!!

  10. Elinor Halpern permalink

    You are getting the Jewish prayers now. Every prayer helps.

  11. Great news Alex! You do have the cutest babies!

  12. Belle permalink

    Congrats to all of you!!! My little boy Cy was born on July 17, 2012 and we have been faithfully following our friend Oliver’s miraculous story and his family’s courageous journey.
    I swear our boys have the same eyes …
    My husband has been praying for all of you as well and we are just so happy for Ollie’s positive outcome. Thank you for inspiring us every day to be stronger, calmer, and better first time parents. And Alex, your eloquence and gentle writing style allows us readers to really walk along side of you. What a gift all of you are. Go Ollie Boy!!!

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