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Oliver Liked His Sleepover: Sept 5, 2012

September 6, 2012

Oliver had a slow start to his day today, but once I explained to my mom that tricks need to be employed to keep him awake and eating he improved dramatically. I think I missed some hilarity with my Aunt Diane trying to keep him up while my mom fed him. Now he’s finishing his 80s! His night nurse Van said she’s going to talk to Ping about giving him more in the day and spacing out his night feeds because he really really wants to sleep through them. I am very interested in how that’ll go.

I feel well rested & recharged after my night off and day with Poppy, and I’m ready to kick this NG tubes butt! Oliver got switched to Dr Browns bottles today and drank his 6:00 bottle in 20 mins! It made a real difference. He’s still puking a bit but we’ll get there. He is at increased risk for hearing loss because of CDH as well as his time on the oscillator, but today he passed his first test! He’ll have another at 4 months and then at 12 months. Can you believe he’s already 9 weeks old?! Can you believe I STILL look 6 months pregnant?! Lol.

Dr Janice from PICU came by for a visit today which was so nice. We really liked her and she was always so amazing to talk to. They work so hard to save these little lives but don’t get to really enjoy the fruits of their labours so it was nice for her to get a little healthy baby snuggle in. Oliver had tons of visits today, actually. On top of my mom who slept there and stayed til 5:30 tonight, my dad, her twin, Tim’s parents, Poppy and Michael Marshall all got to visit today. He is all worked up from all the excitement so I’m pacing the halls of Sick Kids with him in my Ergo trying to get him to rest a bit before his 9:00 bottle. Wish us luck! Xo

Poppy trying to show me that she would not, in fact, look ridiculous with a soother. Cute, but no cigar.


I’m totally not tired, Mom.

Really, ignore this yawn, I just want a little extra oxygen, I’ve only got one lung, give me a break… Geez.

See? Totally not tired.

Oh fine, if it’ll shut you up…


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  1. Mom of two permalink

    Lol, love the pictures! 🙂
    Ollie drinking what he needs to is great news. It’ll be home sweet home soon, yaaaay Wessons!!!!

  2. Diana Winsor permalink

    I love your comments. And, of course, I love that Ollie is doing so good.

  3. lyn permalink

    I’m so happy you had a mother daughter day with Poppy!!! Oliver looks as cute as ever.

  4. Susan Wesson permalink

    I am in love. Just saying.

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