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A Bit More: Sept 4, 2012

September 5, 2012

Tim started teaching his class today. Poppy started her babysitting rotation (hi mom!). Oliver’s CDH friend Bonnie is heading home on Thursday. All these recent developments appear to have lit a real fire under our wee Oliver. He has finished every bottle but one since 9 am yesterday. I was starting to get pretty excited. Home seemed to be right on the horizon. I had ridiculous, unfounded visions in my head of bringing Oliver to Miranda’s birthday party (in his own personal space bubble) this weekend. I was worrying about getting my house clean enough for him while living here. I was scouring Craigslist for a car seat adaptor for my stroller. Things I havent let myself think about since we found out Oliver had CDH. It turns out I have a little more time than I thought. Oliver was getting 70 mls in 30 mins all weekend. He used every one of those minutes and occasionally snuck in an extra one or two. Tomorrow he’s moving to 80 mls. There’s no way he’s drinking 80 in 30 mins. He’s gaining weight fine, but now that he’s bigger he needs more food. Ping said if he does well with it we can take the NG tube out on Thursday. But I don’t see how he’s going to get 80 in. Maybe we’ll graduate to 45 minutes soon… If I had really been honest with my self I would have known we weren’t going home til he graduated to 45 minutes. And I knew 80 mls was coming. It was meant to start on Friday. But he was gaining on 70 so I was fooling myself. I just want it so badly.
Ping said because my mom has been here so much and is fully trained in Oliver she can stay over even though it’s just supposed to be parents. So I’m going to sleep at home tonight with Tim and Poppy then tomorrow I’m going to enjoy Mommy/Daughter time tomorrow. I can’t wait! Xo

It’s like that, and that’s the way it is





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  1. Lisa permalink

    Super happy for you guys!

  2. Touched by your story permalink

    it’s still a step in the right direction – still moving forward – and he will do his 80 in 45. maybe not for this wkend, but surely for soon. enjoy your day off with Poppy!

  3. Ginny permalink

    I love to read about your family! It brings me great joy to see your updates in my inbox. I started to follow your posts a while back from a friends facebook. Your story touched & inspired me. I don’t know you but I root for all of you everyday! πŸ™‚

  4. I Think he will be homein no time at all he is such a fighter and a quick learner. Look on the bright side it is better than taking him home to early to do an emergency run because he wasn’t ready those are still possibilities — he is where he needs to be to get strong and you have the best care in the world closer than your fingertips but the positive thoughts will get you through the long days of being cooped in the hospital and when he does come home that will be an entire miracle in itself. Hang in there and enjoy a sleep at home knowing he is in the best possible care.

  5. Susan Wesson permalink

    That’s GREAT – so glad you are getting this at home night – SO important for you and your little family! And your Mom is awesome. It’ll happen. You know it will. You just want it NOW.

    By the way…I think Oliver is really cute. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that before.

  6. Mom of two permalink

    First off-Ollie is SUCH a champ!! This kid will do amazing things in life!!! You’ve been waiting so long for him to come home dear Alex and he totally knows this and is doing everything to make that happen soon. Super happy for your family!!
    Secondly, you look so much like your mom. πŸ™‚
    Have a lovely, peaceful night!

  7. yay to family sleepovers! he’s making so much great progress. remember that slow & steady wins the race!

  8. lyn permalink

    Love the new pictures…he’s just so stinkin’ adorable!!! Each step is a step closer to home and he’s pratically running!!

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