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Two Months: Sept 2, 2012

September 3, 2012

My Little Man is two months old today! To celebrate, he drank TWO full bottles. That’s right, TWO! Things are looking up. As Tim’s Aunt Brenda suggested, that whole North York thing seems to have lit a fire under Oliver’s bum. Here’s hoping he stays on this course! Poor Tim is not feeling his best today. This whole living-at-the-hospital thing is not especially easy on the system. Hopefully the poor guy feels better for Tuesday! And super extra hopefully Oliver stays healthy. Tim stayed here the last two nights but now he’s going to keep away and recover as best one can with a two year old terrorist running around. Oliver’s still on IV vancomycin until Friday so hopefully it’ll keep whatever Tim’s got at bay. Xo






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  1. Mom of two permalink

    What a great smile!!! That’s super exciting Alex, your little miracle will get to go home soon! Will send extra prayers and positive vibes your way so Ollie only starts taking full bottles. 🙂

  2. Mr. Cutie Patootie- way to go on the two bottles. Home is in the horizon..yayyyy!!!!!!!

  3. Valerie permalink

    um…im going to need then to let Oliver up outta there…thank you good night

  4. Valerie permalink


  5. Lyn permalink

    Sweet,sweet boy. Hope Tim feels better soon.

  6. Susan Wesson permalink

    He is doing SO well! So very excited for you guys. I hope Tim feels better – especially with his class – they’re not going to have an easy adjustment (EVER), so he needs to be in top form! Poor guy.

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