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Four in a Row, Not Too Shabby: Sept 3, 2012

September 3, 2012

At 9:00, Oliver ate his whole bottle. Then, at noon, Oliver ate his whole bottle. At 3:00, Oliver ate his whole bottle. Now, at 6:00, Oliver ate his whole bottle again. I’m seeing a pattern here. Yes, there was a barf. Yes, there was an unfortunate incident where we tried to give him his reflux meds orally instead of through his tube and there was another barf. There have definitely been some angry gas/reflux screaming bouts. But still, 4 in a row my friends. Pattern. I am SO excited! You know that baby I was pregnant with? The one who wasn’t going to be able to breathe or eat or live? Ya, he’s doing all those things. Freakin Oliver. My miracle. Thank you God. I owe you big time. Xo

This was my Dad’s when he was a baby. My Mom was too stupid to figure the hat out. Then I barfed.

I don’t think I get this whole playroom thing…

Oh, I see, this is fun.


My Auntie Cece took my on a gas walk

And my Great Something-or-other Susan made me laugh!

Night night!


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  1. Mom of two permalink

    Keep on doing that Ollie, you’ll be home in no time! He is a miracle indeed, so happy for your family Alex! 🙂

  2. You guys are on a serious countdown. I would pay someone to clean your house within an inch asap! (not suggesting your house is dirty, more that you can bring Oliver home to a place that feels brand new!).

  3. Joan Tyler. permalink

    How wonderful. .!!!!! Well done, Ollie, you are making such good progress, and making everyone so happy. Keep it up, and you will be home very soon.

  4. Sarah permalink

    Such exciting news!!! So close to home now!!! Weeeee!!!!

  5. Yes – thank you God, “whose power, working in US, can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.” Good on you, Ollie – and you’re one of US, too. You’ve got the power!

  6. lyn permalink

    Seems that Oliver has places to go and people to see and he’s in a big hurry!!! Great job! Praying that HOME is around the corner!

  7. Touched by your story permalink

    Every day has exponentially more progress than the day before. I’ve said so many times that Ollie was put on this Earth to do great things. G-d obviously needs him down here and here he IS – big time. Miracle. Miracle. Miracle. So happy for you and your family, Alex. So happy. So happy. I can just picture your house full of Welcome Home balloons. I’ve never seen your house, but I see those balloons!!!

  8. Touched by your story permalink

    btw – that cute hat? it’s on upside down!! the part that is on his forehead goes on the back of his neck 🙂

  9. Kate permalink

    I was going to comment – where did you get the hat that looks like a medieval chain mail helmet… then i realized it’s a bonnet style and backwards..

  10. Yayy, pattern is sooooooooooooooo good. Home is just inches away. You can do it little guy!!

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