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Lunch Date: Aug 31, 2012

September 1, 2012

Keep those prayers coming, they’re working! Oliver has been eating 40 pretty consistently today. Tim got him to take 50 at 6:00! He graduated from a 15 minute time limit to 30 mins today! It’s like training at the gym. He can do 15 mins without collapsing now, so he gets to do more. Eventually he’ll get 45 mins like a normal baby. His formula got concentrated a little more to 0.9 and he’s got to drink 80 mls now because he’s getting bigger so his calorie needs are higher. The higher concentration seems to be a little tough on his tummy, but hopefully he’ll get used to that. Otherwise he’ll have to eat more and we’ll never get home, lol. His antibiotics end on September 7th and Dr Langer is talking about us moving to North York General then if he’s still got a long way to go on the eating front.

The REALLY exciting news from today? (because 30 mins isn’t exciting enough) Oliver got to come with us for lunch today!!! Downstairs!!! Not plugged in to anything. Not supervised. Just with his family. Down to lunch! It was amazing. I can’t describe the peaceful feeling it gave me. Sitting there with both my kids and my Tim, not in a hospital room. My Dad got to come eat with us because he didn’t have to stay upstairs with Oliver! It was… I don’t even know. It was peaceful. It felt lovely. Lovely. Xo

Barf induced bath time!

Pulling Mommy’s hair






This shirt was a gift to Poppy from Amara, a reference to our love of The Bachelor, but I think it’s pretty appropriate for Mr Drama King over here too.


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  1. Mom of two permalink

    What a beautiful family. Sooo happy for all of you!! And what a little champ Ollie is-keep on being awesome you beautiful little boy!! Oh, and I love the ‘Reality TV star’ diaper shirt, he’s totally rocking it. 🙂

  2. Brenda permalink

    He is going to have the best baby book ever. So many amazing firsts coming fast and furiously now. Family lunch in the food court–woo hoo! And an upgrade to 30 minutes for his own lunch is awesome. August has been incredible. Can’t wait for what firsts September brings.

  3. medstudentitis permalink

    this made my week!

  4. Lyn permalink

    You have the most darling children ! Everyday, giant steps!! Here’s to more normal days.

  5. How bad did you want to make a break for it when you had him at lunch? 😉 I’m sure nobody would notice, right??

    • They joked about that when we were leaving “don’t make a break for it! no going home!” lol

  6. So exciting – family lunch!! You’re getting so close to having him home!

  7. Violet permalink

    Hey guys,

    I just found out about Oliver’s condition recently and I’ve been reading your blog almost every day ever since. I’m so happy that things are going so well. He’s just adorable. You’re in my prayers!

  8. Bambie permalink

    Congrats on your lunch date! What a wonderful day!

  9. Nikky Taylor permalink

    Lovely lunch date pics! So happy to hear Oliver is getting stronger all the time. Still thinking of you all, as always xo

  10. paula permalink

    Lunch date! Hope you guys aren’t too tired of Subway yet…I could not eat another Subway s/wich for along time after our guy’st time at Sick Kids. Is Dr. Himidan still on staff at North York General…I am sure she would love checking in on him if he does his ‘eating training’ there.

  11. This is beyond adorable. I wish your family can just leave like that with him. It will be soon and it will be awesome. Sending those powers to you.

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