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Play Date! Aug 30, 2012

August 31, 2012

First, the outpouring of support you all sent me yesterday has had me crying all day. I know I’ve said thank you a million times but your words have really given us so much strength through this whole thing, and when I really needed it yesterday you were all there in an instant and I can’t put in to words how much that means. Thank you.

Remember on Oliver’s surgery day (July 20) when his cousin with the same due date as him, Eliza, was born? Her mom & dad are Poppys God parents and Em is my cousin who is like a sister to me. We decided to get pregnant together and it actually happened. Well, today, Oliver and Eliza had their first play date!!!




“Two babies!!!!”

Why do I think the baby swap photo is so funny?

Poppy had a fabulous day with her Great Aunt Brenda, she came home with a killer mani-pedi and sooo many smiles! Then Nurse Steph who is Poppy’s BFF let Poppy push buttons and gave her stickers! She’s in love.


Oliver had lots of great things happen today. He ate 40 mls at midnight, 30 all day and 45 at 9 pm! He started batting at his butterflies which resulted in giant idiot grins, and he had tons of visitors today. He got to have Christa & Steph as his nurses which makes him incredibly happy and Sam cheated on her patients with him. Very good for his little man confidence. It’s a good day. Much better than yesterday. Oliver’s nurses tonight, Van & Richa, offered to do his 3 am bottle so I can get some rest. How nice is that?! I’m back on happy-track. Oliver never left it. Xo









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  1. paula permalink

    Love the play date pics…best friends forever. Glad he had a great day with feeds. Nurses are awesome…I tried to refuse the help with the 3 am feedings and they said to me “you will have plenty of opportunities to wake up in the middle of the night once he is home, get your rest now because you need to get stronger”…they were so right.

  2. Susan Wesson permalink

    This must be so exciting for you, Alex, to start to have real baby time – the kind of time you knew with Poppy – time with visitors, time with family, cuddles, smiles – it’s been a long time coming! I am so, so thrilled for you and Tim that life can start to have a semblance of normal – Sick Kids normal, but still normal!

    Now TIM has to make that dreaded September adjustment…yeccchhhh!

    Love and hugs to Big and Little Wessons,


  3. Lyn permalink

    Love the fun,happy pictures! I’m so glad you had a relaxing day filled with family,smiles and sweet babies.

  4. Touched by your story permalink

    DEFINITELY LET THE NURSES GIVE THE 3AM FEEDING! They understand that taking care of mommy is good for baby. Sleep tight Alex. You NEED that rest. You did what you had to do for the last 61 days. Take a break!!!!!

  5. Mom of two permalink

    Awwww, such sweet pictures of the playdate!! So glad to hear Ollie had a great day and got to do so many normal baby things-so awesome for him and all of you!! He is so amazing, but he obviously gets that from his wonderful parents and big sister! One day at a time and before you know it, he’ll be home!!! 🙂

  6. jayme permalink

    Wonderful post!

  7. Elinor Halpern permalink

    Oliver makes me smile everyday. I cannot describe how amazing you both are, as parents. You are simply incredible.

  8. Tanya permalink

    lots of big positives for today= complete awesomeness

  9. Gail Lawson permalink

    Another, great positive blog….. I love the pictures, & the 2 babies together is sooo adorable. Glad to hear that you had a much better day Alex. You, Tim & Poppy , & the rest of your friends & family are doing a wonderful job on healingl cutie Oliver. Love Gail Lawson

    Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2012 02:30:44 +0000 To:

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