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Sleepovers! Aug 28, 2012

August 29, 2012

Big things in Oliver Land today!

He had his first night ever sleeping in the same room as Mommy (which made me cry and was awesome)!

(woke up smiling!)

He met a dog for the first time ever (he slept through it – maybe promises of Forrest are not the motivator I thought they were)!


He went on his first proper walk, over to the windows!





OT Ashley checked him out and said despite spending the first 5 weeks of his life sedated on a ventilator, he is developmentally appropriate!


(Ashley’s awesome Oliver posters)

And… Grandma got him to take 55 mls by mouth!

(the big red one is a WOW! bead)

And some bonus shots….




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  1. Brenda permalink

    Grandma is ridiculously awesome, as has been noted by already! This is just one more piece of evidence. It feels like Oliver is making leaps and bounds of progress towards getting to come home.

  2. Mom of two permalink

    Amazing, amazing news!! He is such a special little boy and so cute too! Home seems so close now!!!
    Ps. First picture, where he is smiling-totally looks like you! πŸ™‚

  3. Lyn permalink

    I love all the normal activities !! Great job to all of you. He’ getting cuter everyday.

  4. Debbie. permalink

    I think your super baby is going to come home very very soon! So happy! Go Wessons!

  5. Joan Tyler. permalink

    A huge improvement…….well done Oliver, keep it up and you will soon be home!

  6. Dear Oliver–At this rate, you’ll be home before I will! Come visit me in South Carolina and teach me how to eat!

    • Bonnie, I would love to go on a dinner date but we both need to get our acts together! Our moms are going crazy over here. Love Ollie

  7. Susan Wesson permalink

    I’m so happy to see all of this. How many hours have I spent by those windows! And to imagine…taking him there for the first time! Isn’t it awesome getting to sleep in his room? You know what’s going on at night. Feels great, doesn’t it?

  8. Tia permalink

    Yay Oliver! I found your blog through a friend on Facebook and have been anxiously waiting for your daily posts, hoping for a great outcome. You are all a bunch of heros and I am so thrilled that he’s doing so well:) He is delish, so smiley despite all the adversity and such an amazing fighter!

  9. Touched by your story permalink

    I’m seeing lotsa lights at the end of this tunnel. And they all lead to home!

  10. Your beautiful son has the most incredible smile.

  11. Marco permalink

    That pic of him smiling is priceless… love it!

  12. That first picture is too amazing πŸ™‚ He’s so gorgeous. And such a strong and brave monkey! Can’t wait to hear the next big news. πŸ™‚

  13. Anda permalink

    You have been such a tower of calm strength in the sea of trials, confusion, care, questions not to mention day to day LIFE. My admiration grows in leaps and bounds as Oliver’s smile entrances the many blog followers. Two fb posts I saw in the past few days t think about 1)Sometimes God calms the storm… sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child. (he could be out calming the storm right now) AND 2) Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles; worrying robs today of its strength. Yes pithy quotes – and in a sense in oposition to what I wanted to say which was that yes worrying zaps you physically and in the spirit and soul – BUT if you don’t admit to it, you are either 100% unique in the entire human race (not admiting to stresses) or setting yourself to an even bigger crash by pretending you are in a sea of zen-like calm, when obvioussly you are not. You need to also take cae of yourself – for only then can you take care of your family 9think of the airplane guide saying put on your own air-bag before trying to put on your child’s)… his has become a rather disjointed ramble – but were you to ask my friend Susan (Wesson) she would probably say that I am known for rambling. Blessings to you and yours and prayers for a sense of peace

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