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Independence! Aug 27, 2012

August 28, 2012

Today is another really happy day in Oliver land. He has his own room! He no longer needs to be constantly observed! As a matter of fact, as I write this he is sleeping in my lap, not attached to anything. He is allowed to be disconnected from the monitors some times! And they changed his lines from continuous heparin infusions to keep them open to heplocks, which are only used 4 times a day when he gets his vancomycin which is his only IV drug. He’ll be done that Sept 4 and then bye bye line! I’m gonna say Nurse Sam was responsible for most of these changes. We love her. She let me take Ollie for a wander around the unit tonight. On his own. Attached to nothing. I cried. I do that a lot. He’s been taking 20 mls today, although I got him to take 35 at 6:00. The OT came by with a bunch of different nipples for him today and some different feeding positions for us to try. He’s smiling right now 🙂 xo








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  1. PRECIOUS moments indeed!!!! Aw, this just made my night 🙂 Oliver, you’re a handsome stud in that baseball sleeper! ox

  2. So great guys! Poppy is a wonderful big sister!

  3. Brenda permalink

    i’m a big fan of this no step back thing he’s got going this month. So many fabulous milestones. I look forward to seeing the pics of his first elevator ride [outta there].

  4. A taste of wireless freedom! I bet he was looking EVERYWHERE!

  5. Gail Lawson permalink

    Love hearing the positive blog. Way to go Oliver…….Gail Lawson

    Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 00:49:59 +0000 To:

  6. Jess permalink

    Today is my birthday and this was the best birthday news! Almost home! Fingers crossed that everything keeps going well.

  7. Hooray Hooray Hooray!

  8. Valerie permalink

    Whoot whoot!

  9. Loving the new digs!!! Here is to more eating.Love the family pic, priceless.

  10. Bambie permalink

    Awesome news!

  11. Mom of two permalink

    Beautiful family picture Alex!! And so awesome that Ollie got to go for a walk. Yaaaay little Ollie, you’re the best!! Here’s to only great days from now on! 🙂

  12. Ann W. Friedman permalink

    Oh happy day is right! Great to see the first picture of the four of you together. So wonderful to hear about more miracles for your little family!

  13. Amazing news! I love these updates, and they are filled such such amazing progress lately… go Ollie go!! Beautiful family pic!

  14. Cathy Taylor permalink

    Oliver is SO adorable….
    Huge congratulations on all his gains!
    Lots of love and admiration,

  15. Susan Wesson permalink

    This Is Amazing! Another magnificent thing about Ollie having his own room is the freedom this give you as parents – you can come and go, you can nap, you can take a shower, you can watch tv. Life can be good at the Hotel Sick Kids.

  16. Lyn permalink

    Oliver land should be renamed Goodnewsville!!! I’m loving the family pictures…oh, and big sister, lil brother photos are darling too.

  17. jaymer permalink

    Ahhh Ryder had that baseball sleeper. So happy for you all xo

  18. oonagh permalink

    love. What a beautiful little family.

  19. Tanya permalink

    What a lucky duck!!! His own room, how amazing….things just keep looking up, for 4 people who deserve it more than anything……thumbs up!!! Great job Ollie….

    P.S incredible family pic and lovin the mirror pic 🙂

  20. louise boucher permalink

    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE Day OLIVER!!! I am so happy for you and Mom & Dad & Poppy.
    What a wonderful independence day picture. Lovex0x0 Nannalou

  21. Touched by your story permalink

    5 giant steps forward for Ollie, a million leaps forward for the whole fam.

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