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He Snuck Us a View Of His Face! Aug 26, 2012

August 27, 2012

This is what Tim & I look like after this whole CDH roller coaster:


(this is a joke – its an app. some people were worried this was real)

And this is how Oliver looks!!!



My little monster pulled his NG tube out today! So we took 87 pictures before it went back in. It’s back in. He is now on a hunger strike. He doesn’t get how this whole thing works. Eat = tube out. Don’t eat = tube in. I guess I’ll give him a break as he’s only 55 days old…

Oliver spent his day napping instead of eating. He drank between 4 and 15 mls a meal today. Sigh. With a goal of 70. Sigh. And the poor guy has such bad reflux. He’s on plenty of meds for it but I can see why he’s scared of food. It makes him puke and it burns! Please pray that Ollie starts getting those whole bottles down so he can come home to us. I know he’s taking his time for a reason. I have faith that when the time is right he’ll come home, and that there’s no sense in wanting to push him because God already has a plan for this, and it’s the right plan. But I can’t help wishing His plan involves home somewhere on the horizon…



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  1. Now that is a beautiful face which am sure is what is keeping you guys going. I keep joking that my white hairs have doubled since this journey and both me and my husband have aged years. I do hope when those cute pies get home we will get younger ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is more feeding and home soon.

  2. Sarah permalink

    He’s so gorgeous, Alex.
    Eat, eat, eat Oliver!!! You can do this, miracle baby!!!

  3. Paula permalink

    Keep hanging in there guys…home may be closer than you think. I never asked the home question and after being up and down with feeds for about 2.5 weeks, our guy has a good string of about 2 days and a little steady weight gain and that was enough to get a ticket home. The staff at Sick Kids knows that Oliver and his family will benefit so much from being home that they will let you go as soon as they know he is ready.

  4. Mom of two permalink

    Adorable!!! He is sooo beautiful!!
    Praying for him to start drinking what he needs to in order to come home. Keep on being positive Alex, I’m sure he knows how much Mommy, Daddy and Poppy want him home!!

  5. He is *so* beautiful, Alex. And I’m so impressed with his bottle taking skills, even if he’s on a temporary hunger strike ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep going, little buddy!

  6. Celia permalink

    Oh my gosh look at that cutie little face!!!! I mean it’s always been there, but now an unobstructed view!! He’s the cutest baby ever, I’m so glad he’s doing well. I hope today was just a very tired day for him and that he starts eating more tomorrow.

  7. Wow! Look at that perfectly normal baby! That’s huge.
    I remember this part well. Soooo frustrating but so amazing in light of what’s been before it. He’ll get there. You are on the home straight!

  8. Carrie Fisher permalink

    Dear Alex,

    I have been reading your blog since the beginning and there are no words to describe how amazing you and your family are! I am so happy that Oliver is healthy and safe. He is so FREAKING cute I cannot handle looking at the pictures you post ๐Ÿ˜‰ We will keep sending positive thoughts your way!!


    Carrie and Ashvin

  9. He’s just adorable with and without those tubes! I don’t know about you but my CDH journey resulted in a bunch of gray hairs!

  10. Oliver looks so adorable. Sorry to hear that he was tuckered out and not eating. I look for your posts each and every day and say a prayer over each one of them. He is a miracle!

  11. lyndsey baker (syme) permalink

    my goodness that boy of your is a cutie!!! Toby ( my little prem baby ) suffered terribly with reflux… and we were in hospital due to apnea caused by the reflux…. i know your at the best hospital in the world .. but it wasn’t until i was reading a blog about reflux that i came across a drug call “omeprazole i went straight to the hospital and demanded them to put him on it … he was home within the next 8 days. it turns off the pumps in the tummy that produce the acid … so while he still puked after feeding … it didnt burn him. He is now 2 weeks short of a year and has just come off of it successfully!! He was also put on a dairy free formula called nutramagin … but it was the miracle drug that worked for us . again i know your at the best hospital and he probably is already on it but i thought i would mention it in the off chance it helps!! He will be home before you know it!! xx

  12. Ollie is so adorable! You’re right, Alex. Have faith. Oliver really has come so far when you think about it. He will continue to progress at his own pace. But I totally get how badly you must want him to come home!

  13. Laura Hawkins permalink

    That yawn picture is the cutest ever! xo xo

  14. Another thing to remember is that babies sometimes have super hungry days versus super sleepy days depending in where they are at.

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