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They’re Back! Aug 23, 2012

August 24, 2012

At 11:00 Oliver’s nurse Hanh delivered the most excited news ever… Nurse Practitioner Ping says Oliver gets to drink his bottle every time regardless of Resp rate! He gets 15 mins to drink his fortified Portagen! We are all so happy! He CHUGGED that first bottle, he was wild with glee. In fact, he drank it a little too fast and spat up halfway through but then went right back to drinking. It was like he knew he only had 15 minutes and wasn’t going to waste them. Or like he hadn’t had a bottle since Monday morning… Anyway, the Wessons are a very excited family today!

Ping came and had a great long chat with me today. She explained everything that has happened and everything that will happen and I feel much better and less anxious now. The NP is in charge of recovery and she was away. When she got back she wasn’t sure about his Resp rate and wanted to start from zero to make sure it was just how Oliver is and not anything they were doing. Stopping food didn’t fix it, ultrasounds & X-rays have shown nothing and his echo came back showing improvements so now he can move forward. It seems like his Resp rate is just going to hang out there until he gets a bit bigger. To get bigger he needs to take in more calories than he uses, hence the time limit and the fortified milk. He is basically running a marathon all day every day as far as calorie use goes, and when he eats it’s like he’s adding in lunges. When he tuckers out from eating he starts to aspirate his milk in to his lungs because it’s too hard to coordinate sucking, breathing and swallowing. I get it now. I’m happy. I think I’m in love with Ping. I feel better. And so does Oliver! Xo

Guys, I’m a turtle. Slow and steady. Leave me alone! (thanks Gin!)


All gone!

Note to self, don’t leave for tea, you miss super sweet visitors!

Robin came all the way from Parry Sound even though she’s not allowed to visit Oliver! Now that is one good friend.


Ya, I’m a pretty sweet pea.


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  1. Joan Tyler. permalink

    In every photo you display Oliver is more beautiful than ever….I can’t believe he is so very alert and looks so much older than he really is……Keep getting better and better each day, Ollie, and we will all be elated, especially Alex and Tim. Let us all continue praying.

  2. Mom of two permalink

    That’s such exciting news Alex!! Yaaaay Ollie! One step closer to going home!!
    Ps. I love his hat!!

  3. Diana Winsor permalink

    Awesome news! I am sure Oliver is happy now. So excited for all of you!

  4. Debbie. permalink

    He is soooooo freakin cute!!

  5. Marj Kangas permalink

    So glad to hear Oliver-man is back on track:). I will continue to keep him in prayer…..

  6. Bambie permalink

    Yay for bottles!

  7. Thrilled for Oliver and all of you. Enjoy feeding time!

  8. Marilyn Olivares [grandma Sandy's friend] permalink

    I am so incredibly moved by your daily blogs following the progress of Baby Ollie. You and your little family are amazing. I can’t wait to finally meet this little wonder, I hope that it is soon.

  9. Awesome that he can eat again. yayyy!!!

  10. Elinor Halpern permalink

    I have just completed reading the entire blog. Alex and Tim, you are the most incredible team I have ever met. Your blog is terrifying and inspirational at the same time. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you, and especially Oliver.

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