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Room Air! Aug 24, 2012

August 24, 2012

My baby is breathing room air. MY BABY IS BREATHING ROOM AIR!!!! The baby I grieved for, the baby whose life I was mourning before he even arrived, IS BREATHING ROOM AIR!!! He has one lung. One little lung. One little, over-ventilated lung. And it’s doing the work of two good ones!!!! Thank you Sick Kids. Thank you God. Thank you prayers, positive thinkers and good mojo senders. Thank you Oliver for doing all this hard, seemingly impossible work. Thank you for fighting tooth and nail to hold on to your life. Thank you for teaching me so much about courage and strength and miracles. Thank you for showing me all the good in the world and all the good inside people. Thank you for choosing us as your family, I didn’t think I was strong enough to be your mommy, but you have plenty of strength to spare and have been generous in sharing it with us. Thank you for staying alive. I love you so much, you are my joy and my sunshine, you inspire me every single day. I love you.

He barfed all over this wicked ensemble

Passed out post bottle (he’s pretty consistently drinking 20 mls)

Poppy wanted to give him a soother and was SO happy that he liked it!

My babies

See ya later nasal prongs! I’ve got normal right sided pressures! The yellow tube is my NG tube for the food I don’t drink by mouth. Hopefully I can get rid of that too!


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  1. Lyn permalink

    Wow!!! Amazing news!!! The picture of Poppy holding Oliver is priceless. Next step is home!!!

  2. Lani permalink

    Oliver is incredible. Makes sense because his family is so incredible too – it’s in his genes. ❤

  3. Carla Wagner permalink

    You and your family have such remarkable strength and faith! I am embarrassed to say that I have been reluctantly watching your posts. I was modestly hopeful for your situation and have watched this miracle occur! I know I wouldn’t have the strength in character to remain as optimistic and strong! You and your family are a blessing in my life as I have witnessed what I want to become! Thank you!!!

  4. Jill Wesson permalink

    Awesome news! I can’t wait to tell Uncle Dave when he arrives home.

    Sent from my iPhone

  5. Oliver, you are my hero! Time to get on outta there, friend!

  6. Bambie permalink

    What a wonderful, wonderful post! Such great news! Way to go Oliver!

  7. Jemma Chalmers permalink

    Go Oliver! What a huge week, so happy for you all.

  8. Preggo Chick permalink

    I couldn’t be happier for you and Tim! post EVER. And Oliver’s outfit is ridiculously adorable!

  9. Huw Morgan permalink

    Wow. How courageous you all have been.

  10. Mom of two permalink

    Amazing, amazing news!!! What an inspiring little boy with the most wonderful parents and sister. Soon Ollie will be going home!! You all deserve so much happiness, I hope it happens soon!!
    Ps. Picture of Poppy and Oliie is priceless!

  11. Jessica permalink

    Such amazing news! It made my night.

  12. Touched by your story permalink

    Room air. Normal right-sided pressures. What beautiful words. Room frikken air. The power of prayer. The power of you. The power of survival of the fittest. The power of the people at Sick Kids. The people at Sick Kids. Angels from heaven. Angels. Giving people the miracle of life. And you. The power of mothers. G-d made sure mothers have it in them. You didn’t know it but it was always there. Ollie brought the best out of you and Tim. Ollie brought the best out of a lot of people. Ollie was put on this earth to do great things. Look at how much he’s already done.

    Alex, those last 2 pics are so touching. Ollie and Poppy in love. Ollie gazing up with those big round eyes – in awe of whomever he’s looking at. In awe of you. In awe of his medical team. He sees it. It’s written all over his face. That cutie-pie face that will be NG-free any day now.

    G-d please continue to bless this family.

  13. Praise God!!!! SUCH amazing news!!!! Beautiful pics of Poppy and Ollie!

  14. Nadya permalink

    Sooooooo happy for little Olie :))))

  15. Rachael Morhall permalink

    Well done Oliver!

  16. amazing news!! he is doing SO incredibly!! love & prayer are powerful things. love these photos! your babies are adorable!

  17. This is amazing!! Yayyyyyy for room air, I am so so so happy.

  18. Room air! Congrats on this HUGE milestone. Glad he is really catching onto the whole eating thing too.

  19. medstudentitis permalink

    I accidentally commented this morning as my father. Now it’s funny to see his name on your blog 🙂

  20. Tanya permalink

    Your joy is jumping out in this post……I can just imagine the person Ollie will become with an amazing family like you guys have created… should all be so proud, congratulations and eat up Ollie and suck in that room air…..I love it!!

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