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Still Hungry: Aug 22, 2012

August 22, 2012

Oliver’s breathing is still fast so he’s still not allowed bottles. Please pray that it slows down so he can start eating and one day come home to us! Xo

Feed me!

Oliver’s awesome friends at Crywolf Clothing gave him this super cool toy today 🙂


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  1. Joan Tyler. permalink

    Oliver is so beautiful… I look forward every evening to see more pictures of him and I am so very happy to read that he is doing well. Keep fighting, Oliver, we are praying so hard for you.

  2. Prayers to get that resp rate under control.

  3. varla permalink

    Oliver is so cute ! He is so bright and aware !! There are so many people out here sending positive thoughts and prayers….. almost willing Oliver to fight….. and get that resp rate down !
    You can do it Ollie !! Alex and Tim ….you are both AWESOME parents !! Stay Strong !
    Hugs XO Varla

  4. Sarah permalink

    Oh his eyes tell such a story. I want to give him a huge hug!

  5. Annie permalink

    2 steps forward, only one back! Sending thoughts, prayers and good lucks! Everything will happen in due time. It’s tiring to be a NICU/PICU mommy!

  6. Sending food vibes your way. I am sure it is frustrating at times, I would want to feed that face. I do hope his breathing improves and he can eat soon.

  7. louise boucher permalink

    Ah Alex I hear you, there is nothing like home & routine. MY prayer for all of you is just that.
    Love Nannalou

  8. Mom of two permalink

    I seriously cannot get over how adorable he is! And those eyes-they tell a story, they are beautiful!!!
    Sending plenty of positive vibes your way and praying extra hard for his RR to slow down so he can eat again…and always praying for him to be able to go home soon. Continue to stay positive Alex, you are amazing!!

  9. Bambie permalink

    Sending positive thoughts Ollie’s way.

  10. Rachael Morhall permalink

    Got my fingers crossed that his breathing slows and he can eat soon. Poor man! Hoping you get him home soon enough.

  11. He looks so much bigger, stronger and more alert than he did a few weeks ago. He’s headed in the right direction and that’s the main thing. Have faith! We are continuing to pray for him.

  12. Oh, he’s so stinkin sweet! Look at those eyes! Hard to not let him take a bottle, when you know he’s hungry, but here’s to those who know what they are doing. Soon he’ll be home and breastfeeding and it will be worth the extended wait. Praying!

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