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No Bottles for Now… Aug 21, 2012

August 22, 2012

Oliver’s not allowed bottles anymore unless his Resp rate is under 70. Which it never is, unless he’s asleep. And you can’t eat when you’re asleep. He only qualified for one bottle today. The Nurse Practitioner, Ping, was away on holiday last week, so the residents were doing her job. But she’s back now and it turns out they got this wrong. I am trying not to feel frustrated. His breathing is too high to eat. But not high enough for chest tubes. Which would lower his resp rate. Ugh. He’ll have an Echo tomorrow. If his heart is better than a month ago they’ll switch it to Resp rate under 80. Last night he was a total champ, drinking between 50-67 mls, and waking up hungry and ready to eat! He is very clearly missing his bottles today. I feel bad for him. I do know this is being done in his best interest, if he’s breathing too fast he’s more likely to aspirate the formula which can cause pneumonia and it tuckers him out too much. And he’ll get there eventually. It’s not truly a step back because we weren’t supposed to take that step forward yet. But it feels like one. Xo







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  1. The Vans are AWESOME! And his little face is way too cute! Thinking about yall ALL the time.

  2. Cute, love the baby carrier. I am sure it is frustrating, but will pass!

  3. Joan Tyler. permalink

    Thanks dear Alex for keeping us all so informed about Oliver’s progress…..he looks so beautiful
    And smiling in the last pic. And he certainly has the biggest most beautiful eyes.

  4. Gail Lawson permalink

    Thanks again for these wonderful blogs (I look forward to the update every night) & the cute pictures of Oliver & Poppy. Love Gail Lawson (Sandy’s coffee group friend)

    Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 00:39:58 +0000 To:

  5. Mom of two permalink

    I LOVE his shoes, sooo cute!! He really is such a gorgeous little baby! Praying his RR will go under 70 when awake so he can continue eating, which he obviously likes! Stay positive Alex!

  6. Lyn permalink

    Those shoes are adorable! Even though he’s off the bottles, he’s still smiling! Must have a positive attitude like his Mum.

  7. The shoes are just too much. I get lost in his eyes. I’m sorry his bottles had to be re-evaluated. Hopefully his resp rate will go down and he can resume again soon.

  8. Cheering for Ollie! permalink

    The shoes are way too cute! He’s so adorable. I hope his resp rate comes down. Like the above, he’s positive just like his mama!

  9. Marjorie Fawcett permalink

    What a darling baby! I, too, love those eyes!! He is so-o-o-o-o cute and looks so huggable. FYI many people at the Church of St. Andrew (the Rev. Jesse Parker’s parish) pray for Olliver every day, and check in regularly. It is wonderful to hear, and see, how he is progressing. Thank you for your blogs.

  10. Sweet lil boy!!!!! Feeling your pain!!!!

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