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7 Weeks: Aug 20, 2012

August 21, 2012

Another lovely no-news day here in Oliver land. The OT tried adding cereal to his bottle but decided that wasn’t the solution. He’s still chugging along, we’re trying to keep him up after eating and then let him nap so he’s well rested and has the energy to eat. It’s a lot of work for his little body and he gets awfully tuckered out when he eats. He had another X-ray and then an ultrasound today. Dr Himidan said his chest looks the same as when he had the tubes in so they’re happy with that. He had no o2 for a bit today and did perfectly, but with his breathing still being erratic, they don’t want to wonder if it’s the o2. So they’re leaving it for now. His amazing nurse Sam changed the dressing on his IV today and found out it wasn’t sewn in anymore! So she taped it like a maniac, hopefully it works and doesn’t pop out. Poor guy doesn’t want any more pokes. His nurses last night, Flora and Katrina, were hilarious, and tonight’s nurse, Diane, used to work with Uncle Dave and is lovely. We’re allowed to eat (bad for my diet), pump at the bedside (good for my milk), and watch tv (hello Bachelor Pad!). I’m starting to get used to life up here. Xo





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  1. Joan Tyler. permalink

    Gosh…Ollie looks so perfect…..and Poppy is beautiful. The two kids are very much alike in the pictures. Be happy Alex & Tim, you have both been through he’ll and back and it’s time now to sit back and enjoy your blessings. Always lots of prayers.

  2. cousinjenn permalink

    Poppy, Grandad & Oliver = priceless picture! Great slow news day, Alex. love, Jenn

  3. Mom of two permalink

    Way to go Ollie!! One day at a time!! He’s such a little cutie!!
    Ps. Bachelor Pad-a total, lovely distraction lol-I watch it too!! 🙂

  4. we had so many troubles with iv’s, they decied to do a central line, which was also difficult due to his swelling, but works so good for him!!!! glad my lil guy is not the only one that gets so tired with eating even though we are just starting!!!!So glad he is doing great…awesome they let him have so much on for clothes …we are lucky to get a t shirt…..and i get excited lol

  5. Lyn permalink

    So sweet! Looks like Poppy is playing peek a boo!! Wonderful family bonding. Ollie looks stronger everyday. Yeah!!

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