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Sibling Love: Aug 19, 2012

August 20, 2012

I think for the first time in Oliver’s life there’s not much to report! The left tube is still out, and Dr Piper told Tim his X-ray still looks ok. His Resp rate is a little better today. When he was sleeping this evening it was down in the 30s. That was pretty great. They’re talking about trying turning off the oxygen tomorrow. He drank 60 mls from his 7 pm bottle, I think he would have had more but he was going to go over his time limit. His awesome nurse Sam suggested we get the Occupational Therapist to come work with us to get him eating well, so she’s coming tomorrow, yay! He can’t come home til he can eat so I’m totally excited about that. Oliver’s awesome nurse friend Irene came for a visit today. She’d heard about his fast breathing and wanted to see for herself, but she said he looks good, and I feel a million times better now. How amazing are these people?

Poppy loves babies. She is, after all, a two year old girl. We went to her “boyfriend”‘s birthday party today and there were two babies there. She was in heaven. On Thursday she saw her baby cousin Eliza and was desperate to hold her. So today, when she walked in to Oliver’s room and saw Tim holding Ollie she got an idea. She crawled up in to the rocking chair and exclaimed “Poppy hold it!”. She was too cute to say no. And, as she’ll very proudly tell you, “Poppy good sister”. Check out this cuteness:




These are from yesterday, Uncle Tom & Aunt Brenda brought brownies for everyone up here and down in PICU. Aren’t people amazing?




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  1. Sarah permalink

    πŸ˜€ Love, love, love the photo of Poppy and Ollie!! Such cuties you have!!! Happy to hear he had a ‘boring’ day otherwise!!

  2. Aww, Poppy is such a sweet big sister. So glad you got to capture that moment on film πŸ™‚ And btw, way to go with the eating, Oliver!

  3. Touched by your story permalink

    Every day gets a little better these days. I haven’t heard a 2-step forward, 1 step backward post in a while, right?? Very good stuff goin on. From Ollie’s perspective, he’s got a bang-up snazzy crib with stuff like mirrors, pics and visual stimulators, a music box, a big sis who held him, getting fed on mama’s lap and cuddling her chest, no tubes…um, Im hearing “normalcy” happening these days!!! Like you said yesterday, 47 days in and who woudda thunk? And that face of his just looks so normal – so grateful – so serene – so content – he doesn’t look like a sick baby, you know? So upwards and onwards man – this little guy is so determined to move on!!!!!

  4. Mom of two permalink

    Such a sweet picture of Ollie and Poppy-they are beautiful!! Keep on getting better Ollie!!!

  5. Ann permalink

    Great to see everyone smiling and sharing the joy of Ollie’s great progress. I really love the ones of Poppy beaming with her napping brother on her lap and Ollie looking intently up at his Dad. And of course there is always a reason to smile when Brenda and Tom bring brownies. πŸ™‚

  6. Lani permalink

    Poppy is such a wonderful sister!! So lovely! And I love these updates that have very little too report except for good things. Keep it up Ollie! Mommy and Daddy want to take you home! xox

  7. this is soooo amazing. poppy looks like a very good big sister indeed. so happy that things are coming up ollie!

  8. cousinjenn permalink

    Ann beat me to it…but it is always a good day when Brenda and Tom bring brownies! What great pictures. ❀

  9. Tanya permalink

    Love to see Poppy enjoying her brother……so nice to see. And YES, people are amazing, we just don’t hear enough about them and hospital staff are made of something different. They’re incredible to say the least and to see previous nurses and staff dropping by to check on Oliver speaks volumes……I love it

  10. Great day and great pictures, Alex!

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