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Still a Mystery: Aug 16, 2012

August 17, 2012

Oliver’s X-ray is clear and his blood work came back fine, so there is no acute cause for his high resp rate. They were worried his lung had collapsed. It hasn’t. It’s bigger and clearer. But his breathing is still high. Drs now think he’s just uncomfortable between more food, less morphine, tube aspiration and many pokes today. All his other vitals are totally fine. I’m still worried but now I am alone on the island of fear. We think he seemed uncomfortable, especially this evening, so his lovely nurse Christa offered him Tylenol and we’re hoping that helps.

Dr Thrombosis (Mattia – I checked his name tag) came today. He loves being Swiss, all his explanations of long term effects revolve around Roger Federer and I had to explain Halloween to him today. He said some of Oliver’s clots have calcified. That’s probably fine, hopefully he will be asymptomatic for ever. Maybe he’ll have some painless swelling. In the worst case scenario swelling will be noticeable, he’ll have discomfort (especially when playing tennis), and he’ll need a compression stocking on left arm. He said that’s not an especially likely scenario. Just an unfortunate side effect of the treatments that let him live!

So not Oliver’s most comfortable day, but he is on food every 3 hours now (78 mls) which is like a normal baby just by NG tube! And he’ll have a touch of morphine in the morning and then be all done. He’s still on 100 of o2 and satting 100, so yay for that! Hoping today was just a hiccup 🙂


getting an X-ray
Pretending to nurse


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  1. Lyn permalink

    Keeping Ollie in my prayers. I hope he gets some rest tonight and wakes up a happy boy!

  2. Mom of two permalink

    He is such a lovely little baby-I love his big eyes!! Hopefully tomorrow he will be all better, it is a new day after all! Always praying for him to continue getting better. And I really hope you get to nurse him soon, it is the nicest feeling and it will be so special for you and him!

  3. Hi Alex,
    This sounds familiar, and maybe similar to what happened with Baxter. He had a really hard time getting off the morphine. They would down the dose and he would just be miserable and really not seem well. This was one of the hardest periods for us, even though we had moved past the life-threatening phase, we now had a very unhappy and sore kid. He was quite dependent on the drugs! Maybe Oliver is going through a bit of this too. He does seem to be handling it better than Baxter was, but it is a big deal for the poor wee things. B was also a very fast little breather. This lasted for about a year. Doctors always noticed it but it just seemed normal to us . I’m sure Oliver feels a whole lot better when he’s snugglng up to his mama.

  4. Glad the test results were good. Moms spend a lot of time alone on the island of fear…I think it is in our genetic make up :)…just listen to the little voice inside you that tells you when you need to convince someone else to worry too. Hope you got both got some rest last night and have a great weekend!

  5. Joan Tyler. permalink

    Oh what a relief to read that Oliver is coming along fine. Lots and lots more prayers from everyone and positive thoughts must come his way. Keep strong Alex, we are all with you in thoughts and in spirit.

  6. Michelle Goleski... permalink

    Keeping in my daily prayers…. Go Oliver!!

  7. Glad they are not that worried. Also excited about his feeding increases. A big Step. Good luck Ollie.

  8. louise boucher permalink

    I know what you mean by the “island of fear” it is a mother thing, part of our genetic makeup.
    Hang in there Alex there are bound to be days not as good as others. Know regardless if its a
    good day or not Oliver is being prayed for by many and being held up by angels and light!!! Love
    and prayers daily Nannalou

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