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It Was the Chyle… Obviously: Aug 17, 2012

August 17, 2012

Alternate Title: Left Tube Fell Out…

I was really excited when Oliver’s right tube came out. I’m really scared today because his left tube came out. It seems like it wiggled almost all the way out and at 5 am it really started leaking. They did an X-ray and saw that it was almost all the way out, so at 7 they took it out. His breathing has stayed fast, but hasn’t gotten any faster. IGT wants to put the tube back in, he was still draining 30-80 mls/day, but Gen Surg wants to try leaving it out. They normally do a clamp test first to see if the body reabsorbs the extra fluid. But putting a tube back in has it’s risks, so rather than clamping they’re just leaving it out. I was very concerned. We found the cause of the rapid breathing! Chyle! Put the darn tube in! But Dr Langer says that the tube was relieving pressure and it’s normal that he’d be breathing like this without a tube in. Apparently this is fine. He’s going to have an X-ray in the morning to see if his body is reabsorbing the excess fluid. I hope it is. I hate chyle. Everything bad and scary is always chyle’s fault.

But in good news he likes food! He just had his first bottle. Loved it. We had to wake him up, which was hard. I asked Poppy to help so she smacked him on the forehead. Luckily she’s two so her smacks aren’t very hard. She felt terrible after and then would only touch his toe with one finger. Except when she was leaving and gave him a kiss and a “big hug!” Once i got him naked he woke up and went to town on that bottle! He took 60 mls then wasn’t allowed any more by mouth. His super awesome nurse Sam said they’d never had a kid take 60 before so she didn’t think they should try more. He thought they should. When the rest (18 mls) got down the tube to his tummy he got over it. He kept falling asleep while I burped him, which was so cute, then waking up and screaming til I fed him. His Resp Rate was nice & low while he was eating. He was just hangry. Now he’s happily passed out with his sleep sheep, breathing in the 60s.

It’s going to be a long night waiting to see how he does and anxiously anticipating that X-ray. Xo


Bottom left: Poppys hand

Lovin it!



Night night!


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  1. Joan Tyler. permalink

    Oliver looks so relaxed and satisfied……it must have been so exciting giving him his first bottle.
    Keep it up Oliver…

  2. Celia permalink

    Amazing!!! So happy that his first bottle was such a success!!!

  3. Mom of two permalink

    Congrats on the first bottle!! Yaaay!! Hopefully soon he’ll be ready to breastfeed!! Praying for a quiet night for Ollie. He is soooo cute!

  4. Lyn permalink

    OMGosh! Love the “drunk” baby look! I’ll be praying extra hard that the chyle becomes a non issue; you all deserve a break.

  5. Mom of two permalink

    Ps. At least now it’s no longer a mystery what was causing him to breathe faster. Hopefully the x-ray will show that his body reabsorbs the excess fluid…

  6. Wonderful progress over the last week. Trust the chyle issue will resolve!

  7. Laura permalink

    Exciting news about the bottle. I bet he can’t wait to get on mama!! Praying hard tonight.

  8. Susan Wesson permalink

    He’s got that “drunk on milk” look – awesome!

  9. I’ve NEVER heard of a CDH baby taking that much his first time, let alone the first week! AMAZING!!! So happy for some exciting gains.. but since Oli likes to do things on his own time, praying for more slow and steady progress! You are handling this with such strength and grace. Sending more prayers and love from Oregon…

    Dooley family

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