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So Long Right Tube: Aug 15, 2012

August 16, 2012

ONE LESS TUBE!!! Oliver’s right tube came out at 8:45 this morning! And when he had an X-ray 4 hours later, everything looked good! Yay! His left drained 80 mls yesterday, but IGT wasn’t worried. It’s definitely still chyle, they tested it today.

Ollie’s doing great with eating. He is now “bolus feeding”, which means instead of continuous food going to his tummy, he gets meals. He gets 52 mls every two hours. If that goes well he’ll go to 78 mls every three hours and eventually to bottles and then we’ll try breast. I’m very nervous about that, my supply is not stellar thanks to my breast reduction but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

He had lots of visits today, Nana finally got to hold him with Grandpa, Grandad and Aunt Caroline came on their lunches from work, and Grandma and Poppy came on their way home from an adventure at the Science Center. All in all a pretty lovely day. Dr Langer is happy with him, Respirology is happy, Nurse Christina was happy (she seems like she’s always happy), everyone is happy. Me too. Xo

With right chest tube


Dad, Nana & Grandpa

Oliver’s Bravery Beads

Aunty Caroline

My awesome family!

Cross eyed staring at his crib gallery 😉


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  1. Eric M. permalink

    I’m happy.

  2. Brenda permalink

    Wow, this is some serious progress happening every day now. No wonder everybody is so happy. Two steps forward and one step back is so last month. Yay for Awesome August.

  3. Touched by your story permalink

    What a difference a couple of days make in Ollie land. Good stuff Ollie – keep on keepin on!!!

  4. He’s doing so well! I love it! Your pictures are awesome–love the one with daddy and both kiddos 🙂

  5. Sarah permalink

    Amazing news! Love the picture of Tim and the kids. 🙂

  6. Jordana H. permalink

    My heart is full and happy. Xoxo

  7. Jordana H. permalink

    …and you know how I feel about cross eyes. That officially made me melt.

  8. Lyn permalink

    Happy day in Ollie Land!!

  9. Mom of two permalink

    Great news!! Keep on getting better every day Ollie!!

  10. Bambie permalink

    Yay!!! Bye bye right tube!
    Your blog and your family have touched me. I check on Ollie everyday. He is incredibly strong, and it’s clear he gets that from you.

  11. Susan Wesson permalink

    Love you, love you, love you. But you knew that.

  12. Lori permalink

    In all his greatness………

  13. Aww the bug eyes are back 🙂 Yayy on feedings improving.

  14. Christy O'Neill permalink

    Congratulations guys! I just saw a reposted picture of Oliver (great name, btw) on Facebook c/o Sarah Luz. It sounds like everything is going well. All the best!

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