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Breathing Fast

August 16, 2012

Oliver’s been breathing fast all day since he had his left chest tube aspirated. We don’t know why yet. His Co2 and ph are fine. Waiting on X-ray results. Please think good thoughts for him today. Xo

Not feeling so hot


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  1. Brenda permalink

    We’re on it. five sets of good thoughts coming Oliver’s way. David’s cast is now off so he is also able to cross his fingers now too.

  2. Lani permalink

    Feel better Ollie!!! xo

  3. susan kwolek permalink

    Praying hard!! Easy breathing there fighter!! Slow and steady wins the race!!

  4. Ashley permalink

    He’ll be in my thoughts and prayers today and everyday. Sending all my positive thoughts,vibes,and energy your way! Bless this little guy!! ❤

  5. Sarah permalink

    Thinking of you Ollie!

  6. Lyn permalink

    Prayers coming your way Ollie. Stay strong little man. He’s had a lot of changes the last few days

  7. Joan Tyler. permalink

    Praying hard for you Oliver……take it easy buddy.

  8. Ann W. Friedman permalink

    Thinking good thoughts for you all. Xo

  9. Sending all the strength your way little Ollie.

  10. Mom of two permalink

    Sending extra prayers an positive vibes your way Ollie! Feel better!!

  11. Nadia permalink

    Poor little sweetheart. Being agnostic, I’m not accustomed to praying. But this little guy has inspired me to reach out more deliberately with thoughts and hopes and wishes — sending these his way!

  12. Kate permalink

    sending good vibes.

  13. Its so up and down with our little guys!!!! stay strong ollie!!!

  14. varla permalink

    Lots and lots of positive vibes, prayers and love sent to Ollie and his family !! Stay strong !!

  15. Touched by your story permalink

    Sending hugs and prayers to Ollie and his family. Hang in there little guy! I know you can I know you can I know you can!!

  16. Belle permalink

    It’s okay Ollie, slow breaths baby…like your blowing a feather in front of your mouth…nice and easy Pal.

  17. Bambie permalink

    Thinking of you Ollie!

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