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6 Weeks Old! Aug 13, 2012

August 14, 2012

My poor baby is struggling with reflux. It’s sad to see him cry so hard when he’s already been so tough and brave. It’s just so sad. Those big eyes are looking up at me saying “this hurts! why aren’t you helping me mommy?” The NG tube keeps his sphincter open, so it’s really easy for stuff to splash back up. That combined with feeds increasing by 1 ml every 3 hours has been really tough on his tummy tonight. Poor guy. In good news, he only pooped twice today, he got his final does of diazapam and he’s got just 4 days left of morphine. He’ll be on full feeds by tomorrow so we can kiss the TPN and lipids goodbye as well! Then he can switch to full fat formula and we’ll see what it does to the chyle. We’ll be in the constant observation room til his tubes are gone.

Oliver got to visit with Poppy again today and he also got some snuggles from his Grandpa! He is the cutest little guy ever, and it’s so awesome that now I can just pick him up and cuddle him whenever I want! Or, as is the case tonight, pick him up, hold him upright, and bounce vigorously. Poor monkey. Xo







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  1. Joan Tyler. permalink

    What lovely pictures of Poppy and Oliver together. Must make you both so very happy to be able to cuddle hin whenever you wish….continue praying for daily improvement.

  2. Loving his new clothes very styling. So nice to hear about the feeds and everything is going on right. Soon he will be on his way home!!!!

  3. Jordana H. permalink

    I love his big round eyes!

  4. Mom of two permalink

    Such a gorgeous little boy. I love his beautiful big eyes! And what a cute monkey sleeper!!
    Hopefully, his reflux will get better soon and yay for finishing up meds! Continuing to pray for him!!
    Go Ollie go!!

  5. Touched by your story permalink

    What a difference 6 weeks makes. Compare holding him tonite to holding him that first time. What a huge freaken difference. Sounds like he’s so well on his way to recovery – so many transitions goin on in the right direction. Hopefully it’s just around the corner when you’ll be looking back on his short yet eventful life and saying where did the time go and how did we do all that? Hang in there Ollie! Just a little bit more and you’re good to go!!!!

  6. Lyn permalink

    I’ve really grown to love those eyes of his!! He’s such a handsome boy. Reflux stinks, but beats TPN. Hopefully it eases soon. T&Ps

  7. Good luck with the morphine!

  8. Jenn Richler permalink

    I am so thrilled to see Ollie’s progress! And as if you don’t know it already, he is freakin’ adorable!!!

  9. Lani permalink

    He is so stinkin’ cute. Hope his reflux goes away soon! Poor guy.

  10. Susan Wesson permalink

    Big, Big Hugs!

  11. Sarah permalink

    Look at those big eyes!! Cutie!!!!

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