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A Bug? Aug 12, 2012

August 13, 2012

I’m a pretty lucky lady, aren’t I? I’ve got the world’s greatest husband, Poppy is sunshine and rainbows, and my little miracle is getting better. It doesn’t get much better than this. Except, of course, it does. We are surrounded by the most incredible people on the planet. Our family, our friends, their friends, loving strangers. Your positivity and love has kept our heads above the water while the weight of Oliver’s battle was dragging us under. We cling to each other, our faith, and you. So thank you.

Oliver had a nice quiet day, feeds going up, chyle coming down. He did spring a leak around his chest tube around lunch time because he was furious about having his diaper changed. But it was redressed and has been fine since then. Tonight, though, he’s had 4 poopy diapers, 1 shart and a little barf. Nurse Dina is hoping its a 24 hour thing. Me too! She’s going to ask the resident to send some poop for a culture to make sure he’s ok. This is what I was talking about before, he’s so delicate that we really can’t let him get sick so fingers crossed it just that he hadn’t pooped in a few days and the increased feeds are just catching up with him. Poor baby. Xo

Poppy kisses

Grasshopper pjs

Hugs (upright so he doesn’t barf)



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  1. Lyn permalink

    It’s so good to see Ollie in cute clothes! Praying it’s just the increase in food. Stay strong little man.

  2. Peter permalink

    So bloody adorable! Glad he’s doing normal-ish baby stuff like surprise sharts and whatnot. Its funny what you get excited about, sometimes.

  3. Mom of two permalink

    Oliver is soooo friggin’ cute in his little grasshopper sleeper!! Poppy kissing him is super cute too!! Here’s to hoping it’s a 24 hr thing and that he’ll feel great tomorrow!

  4. medstudentitis permalink

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it’s normal baby excessive pooping not c. diff excessive pooping!

  5. Susan Kwolek permalink

    On a positive side: I think its great to know his bowels are working well now that they have room and he is getting more food . I am fingers crossed thats all it is!!

  6. More food, more kisses and more hugs all good. I am getting ready to face my journey and getting strength from how positive you are,

  7. Laura permalink

    Look at that little trooper!!! He is looking SO SO good these days!!!! Aww, I’m over the moon that he’s doing so well and that you got to hear his wee voice. Praise God!!!

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