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A New, Slow Pace: Aug 11, 2012

August 12, 2012

And it’s nice. His chyle slowed down again, and he went for an X-ray to double check that its clearing and not backed up. WENT. They did them at the bed in PICU. A slower pace. Because it’s less urgent. Wow.

He’s on 12 mls/hr now of Portagen (formula), when he gets to 26 he’ll start getting some fat. He’ll also start getting his meds orally. Which would mean no more lines! That would be revolutionary. He’s on 0.6 of morphine, which means 6 days left of that! And he was going to town on his soother today, which I loved! Sucking! Yay! He’s lovely. He loves his mobile and his sleep sheep. He likes a good pat on the bum. He will turn his head to the right if you read a book to him from that side. He’s a baby!

Nurse Marci came to visit Ollie yesterday on her break, and today Irene and Bev both came. Could you imagine doing that on your break at work? So kind. They are so amazing. So are his new nurses. We’re starting to figure out the new unit, but I think it’ll be a few days before it feels like home. But then I can already tell we’re going to love it! Xo




Nurse Bev!

I love you, mobile


Our new room!


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  1. Joan Tyler. permalink

    Hooray, Oliver……..keep it up.

  2. Sarah permalink

    He’s starting to look a lot like Poppy I think!!

    What a cutie!! Such great news!!!!!

  3. Lyn permalink

    Slow and steady will win the race Ollie. He sure is looking big and beautiful these days!!! I’m in love with those eyes!!

  4. Wow. When he turned the corner he really turned the corner, eh? I love that you said, “He’s a baby!” It’s easy to forget that when they’re all covered with wires and monitors and tubes and junk. So so glad he’s doing well–he looks amazing.

  5. It is so nice for the nurses, who also couldn’t cradle Oliver for over 5 weeks, are able to hold him now. It is so nice that they want to…

  6. Jenn permalink

    That face makes my heart happy 🙂 I look forward to reading your posts every night and they just keep getting better and better!

  7. Diana Winsor permalink

    Amazing. Oliver is a “Miracle Baby” for sure, along with his Mom and Dad. So proud of all of you. Looks like you made it!

  8. Mom of two permalink

    Great news Alex! May he continue on this path and only keep on getting better! He looks so cute in his little sleeper!

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