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Moving On Up: Aug 10, 2012

August 11, 2012

Oliver made a big move today! If he was on the news, he would no longer be listed as critically ill. His care does not need to be intense anymore. So away we go, up to the fifth floor! Oliver now lives in the general surgery wards! This is a HUGE FREAKIN DEAL! He is in the constant observation room, where there is 2 to 1 nursing. He’s not enough work anymore to justify one to one care! This stressed my dad right out, who immediately began inquiring about the cost of hiring a private nurse. I explained to him that that is two tier health care and we don’t believe in that here. If our trusted Hospital for Sick Children thinks Ollie doesn’t need 1 to 1 care then neither do I! It’s not like he’s alone during waking hours anyway.

Speaking of not being alone, today, for the first time ever, our family of four was all together. Poppy met her brother. Oliver met his sister. Mom wept. Dad was as happy as a cool cucumber can outwardly express. It was magic. “Poppy see Oliver!!!” has been a pretty much constant refrain from The Dictator for the past week or so. I think she’d given up on ever hearing yes. She was thrilled! “Oliver small! Oliver cute! Oliver sticker! Oliver booger.” is her new chant. The booger and the sticker are his nasal cannula, which is now delivering 0.3 liters of oxygen to our little man. He’s a warrior.

His AT3 has been discontinued, as has his FFP transfusions. He lost only 77 mls of chyle yesterday so he doesn’t need them anymore. He’s receiving morphine orally, and it’s being weaned. His heparin will be replaced tomorrow by lovenox, a twice daily injection which is longer lasting and has a lower risk of hemmorage. His feeds are at 9 mls/hr and are increasing every 6 hrs by 1 ml. When he’s at 26 the TPN and lipids will go. I’m bad at math, but I think that gives us 6 days, although the fellow whose name I don’t know yet suggested that if he tolerates it they’d pick up the pace. We all know about his love of slow and steady though, so we’ll see. He’s still receiving steroids and octreotide to treat the chylothorax. A plan of action for that will happen once he’s at full feeds. Same with deciding what to do with the tubes. He’s still on vancomycin until the start of September. Those clots have the infection he had inside them, so as they break up it still needs to be treated.

Last night when we were snuggling Oliver made a big wet spot on my shirt trying desperately to latch on. That tuckered him out and he passed out. Dr Himidan says he’s still working pretty hard to breathe. Oral feeding takes a lot of energy too so he’s going to have to wait till he’s a bit stronger. At least another week or so.

Leaving the PICU was bittersweet today. We were so comfortable there. We knew and loved everyone. They saved his life. We don’t want to leave them. But knowing that he’s well enough not to need them anymore is the best thing in the world. So we’ll go for visits. And everyone up here seems just as nice. Some nurses even stopped by tonight who knew Uncle Dave and wanted to see his gorgeous nephew with their own eyes! I think we’ll like it up here. Xo

Ps The outpouring of love and support yesterday was unbelievable. 4,000 people read his blog yesterday. Every one of your good thoughts is what’s gotten him here. Love you all more than you can know. Thank you.



Card & cake for the PICU

Goodbye old room

Hello new room!

Hello siblings!



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  1. Love it!! Yay for Oliver (&family). I think Sunni needs a blanket like Oliver, only pink. You know….the one with the boxing gloves šŸ™‚

  2. Celia permalink

    How wonderful that Poppy got to meet Oliver today!! And moving to a new less intensive unit is amazing. Way to go Oliver, you’re awesome!!

  3. What a wonderful day!!! This is huge and I have tears for you. A family reunion is so nice.

  4. Joan Tyler. permalink

    How awesome!!! Well done Oliver for helping us all to be so very happy for you and yours. How wonderful it must have been to introduce young Poppy to Oliver….thinking of you Alex and Tim.

  5. Lyn permalink

    Way to go Oliver!!! How awesome that your family is finally together. I will continue my prayers, but it seems Ollie has a direct line!!!!

  6. Katie permalink

    Dear: Alex, Tim, Poppy & Oliver
    Much like many of the other readers of your blog, I am completely mesmerized by your story. Everyday I look forward to knowing how Oliver (love his name) is doing, and pray every night that he will continue to make progress.
    You are an inspiration as a mother, Alex. I am the stay-at-home mom of three young boys, and although they are my everything, there are days when I feel overwhelmed. When I read your posts it reminds me to focus on all of the positives, to be grateful for all that I have and to remember those families who are going through so much more than a simple temper tantrum. Thank you for that.
    There is so much that I would like to write to you, but instead I will simply say that I will continue to follow your beautiful family’s story and that I will continue to pray that that beautiful baby of your’s continues to fight!

  7. Vera permalink

    Oliver is absolutely gorgeous. I’m are so happy he’s doing well.

    Alex, my thoughts and love are with you on daily bases. Vera

  8. so happy he got to see his sibling, that is so important for both of them!!! our hospital does not allow at all, but I show them all pics everyday…..and leave them posted on his bed so when they reposition him he can see them…..

  9.!!! tears of joy while reading this. SO happy for your family. SO grateful for his continued positive progress. Thank you for continuing to share your story – my whole family knows about Oliver and prays for him each day šŸ™‚

  10. Mom of two permalink

    Such amazing news and such a happy day for all 4 of you! Keep up the great work little Ollie, you have so many people behind you!!

  11. lyndsey baker (syme) permalink

    Absolutely fantastic… incredible!!! So very very happy for you guys!! xx

  12. Jemma Chalmers permalink

    What a wonderful week – go Oliver! Much love from your Brisbane cheer squad…

  13. oonagh permalink

    Cried reading your thank you note. So happy and grateful that Ollie had that kind of care and you had that support. People are amazing.

  14. Jodi permalink

    Go Oliver!!!!

  15. Congratulations! Wonderful that Poppy got to meet her brother. What a milestone day!

  16. Audrey permalink

    Words cannot express how happy I am for all of you guys!! Keep fighting Oliver…you are a warrior!!

  17. Yay for more progress. The brother sister meeting must have been awesome for their parents. That moment is so special under ‘normal’ circumstances…I can’t imagine the additional meaning it had considering the road to getting there. Your Dad need not worry…babies still get tons of attention in this room & in his next room, round the clock care will be provided by mom or dad :). So excited for all of you and prayers that Oliver continues to get better every day.

  18. Karen Cree "fross" of Beth's :) permalink

    So HAPPY for you to start to be able to feel like the real family that you are. Glad that miracles happen to good people. Greatful to be apart of your journey through your truly amazing postings. Continued love and positive thoughts are coming your way from our house to your new “home” !!!

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