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Happy: Aug 9, 2012

August 10, 2012

Yesterday I heard my baby’s voice. I saw my baby’s face. I picked up my baby and no one had to help me. I swaddled, shushed, swung, and sided my baby and put him to bed. Yesterday I saw another newborn and it didn’t make me cry. Yesterday was the best day of my life. Oliver’s doctors gave me that. Oliver’s nurses and respiratory therapists gave me that. The support of our friends and family gave me that. Tim and Poppy gave me that. Your prayers gave me that. God gave me that. Oliver gave me that. There has never been a gift so precious as yesterday. I’m still crying about it.

It’s been more than a day and he is STILL breathing on his own. He is a miracle. His doctors and nurses agree. There were days and weeks where it looked like we’d never get here. When he went back on the oscillator. When his tube was blocked. When his right sided pressures were so high. When he just could not tolerate weans on the ventilator. But here we are. He’s doing it. He’s defying the odds. I can’t even begin to find the words for this. I’ve never been so happy. I’ve never been so grateful. I’ve never believed so strongly in the power of positive thoughts, faith, and God.

Im afraid to believe it. I’m afraid it’s too good to be true. I’m afraid to feel relieved. I’m afraid I’m getting ahead of myself. You never BEAT CDH, there are always threats. He needs to get rid of that chyle. He needs to get rid of those clots. He needs to learn to eat food. He will always only have one lung, and it’s been heavily ventilated for a long time, so it will always be fragile. A cold I would give Poppy some Tylenol for could land Oliver back in the hospital. He will always be at risk of reherniation. He could still develop reflux which is very threatening to a kid with one lung. And those are just the frequently occurring complications. But still, he’s over this hump. He’s beaten the ventilator part of CDH. He can support himself. HE IS NOT ON LIFE SUPPORT. I might still be scared, but I’m not life support scared anymore. I’m supporting-his-own-life relieved. And I’m happy. Happier than I’ve been since February 18th.

Oliver had all kinds of visits today from all the amazing people who’ve brought him to this point and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Or more blown away by them. They’re not just doing a job. They mean it. It feeds my soul to see people care so much. People are amazing, and the people at Sick Kids are a special kind of amazing. Nurse Sam and Dr Raghad cried with me today when Raghad told me that he would have challenges but would live. Nurse Marci cried with me yesterday when they decided to extubate him. That’s not a job. That’s love.

Oliver’s chyle is finally starting to slow down. Pray that it continues to and that the tubes don’t back up to complicate his breathing. He is off the fentanyl, and is now continuing the wean on morphine, which is 100 times less strong (actually) than fentanyl. He’s on 7 mls/hr of food, and at 10 will start cutting back on TPN. Still chugging away on those clots. He had an ultrasound today of them, we haven’t heard back yet and are hoping no news is good news.

Tim and I both got great cuddles today. Our Dads missed out on hugs, but my mom came by at just the right time so she got to hold him too! He also wore his very first outfit today, a shorts onesie that Poppy picked for him with hippos and monkeys on it! He looks so sweet and big and healthy in it! Good days these days. Xo





Love is good for health ❤


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  1. Sarah permalink

    Best post ever!!! SO happy for you all. What a fighter!! xoxo Oliver!!!!

  2. Debbie permalink

    So So pleased to read this post! Tears of joy!

  3. Joan Tyler. permalink

    Oh my God he is such a wonderful fighter and defying so many odds…I really believe in miracles too and with so many prayers offered for him, he has to win. Every one at the hospital sounds so great and there is so much love surrounding Oliver from near and far that must be affecting his progress.
    Happy for you Alex and Tim.

  4. Nadya permalink

    Alex, I’m sooo happy for you guys…for Oliver! He is such a cute baby and looks like he is smiling on those pictures. I cried too while I was reading this wonderful post!!!!

  5. Celia permalink

    Go Oliver Go!!! He’s come so far, there’s nothing he can’t do!

  6. varla permalink

    A great day !!! Ollie is so cute and such a fighter ! You have all made such an amazing journey ! I am so very happy for you and Tim, Poppy and your families ! Continued prayers and good vibes for many, many, more great days !
    Love and Hugs XO

  7. Lyn permalink

    What wonderful news. What a wonderfully written post. What wonderful pictures of a gorgeous and normal baby. So good to be shedding happy tears!!!! Go Oliver!!

  8. Julie Wajcman permalink

    YHEAAAAAAA!!!!! GO Ollie! He is so delicious with his big, passionate eye. SO HAPPY for you! xo

  9. alba tucci permalink

    I’m crying tears of joy!!! Oliver is my hero!!!!!

  10. Nancy - touched by your story permalink

    Sooooooo happy for this post… i’ve been following your amazing story and will keep praying for your little boy to continue this great progress!!!! Congrats Way to go Ollie!!!!!

  11. Brenda permalink

    it just gets better and better. no life support and first outfit. this is beyond awesome now. can’t wait until we get home and get to visit. we all hang around the computer every night awaiting the day’s news and having our Ollie visit virtually.

  12. aunt nancy permalink

    Wow. Awesome news. Go Ollie!

  13. Bambie permalink

    I’m in tears! What a wonderful day! Way to go Oliver!

  14. Angela permalink

    Way to go, Oliver! Me next! Get me off my vent next! ( I am actually working on a plan to pull mine out- I have tugged on it a couple of times ). Your friend, Christopher

  15. Jordana H. permalink

    This makes my heart melt with joy. I feel like I can finally breathe for the first time just like Ollie. I am so over the moon for your family. No one deserves happiness more. Love you too much!! Xox

  16. Vanessa permalink

    OMG he is ADORABLE! I’m tearing up right now. Oliver, I think you really need to make an appearance at Ribfest II at Alison and Dan’s next year. My daughter Adelaide is dying to meet you!

  17. Mom of two permalink

    Dear Alex, much like with the other readers here, your post tonight made me cry too!! I’m soooo happy for you and your wonderful family and especially little Ollie! He is an absolutely mesmerizing little baby who, I trully believe, knows how much his family wants and needs him here. He is a little miracle-a miracle with such beautiful eyes!
    And you are such an inspiration as a mother. Your strength and love and positive attitude through such tough times are so almost palpable and so strongly felt when reading your blog that I’m speechless! I cannot imagine how hard it must have been to continue to be positive while facing something so scary and what relief you must have felt when you were told he’d be ok-something no parent should ever have to wonder about. It really speaks volumes about you and your unconditional love for your children.
    I pray that Ollie continues to defy the odds and get better with each passing day! Sending you lots of positive vibes! Little Ollie is a true fighter!

  18. Touched by your story permalink

    Yup, this pretty much ends up with all of us crying. Alex, Tim – I truly hope to get to meet you in person one day…I’m gonna work on making that happen. Because your story has made me such a fan of you and your kids. I have to hold Ollie. The post above says it all and I ditto every word. May G-d continue to work His miracles on your little boy. May He continue to give you the strength to face this journey. May He continue to guide the incredible medical, nursing and multidisciplinary teams who are keeping little Ollie alive. Prayers prayers and more prayers for continued health and recovery!!!!

  19. Phil permalink

    amazing – simply amazing. So happy to hear this, Wesson FAmily…The Carney’s in Belleville are cheering you on – sharing in your tears, excitement, and now – overwhelming joy! All the best!

  20. Jess Davidson permalink

    What a wonderful, beautiful, moving post!! Keep it up, Oliver!

  21. Harriet Palmer permalink

    Congratulations! He has done so incredibly well. Your family are going to inspire so many people who have to deal with this awful condition. What a kick-ass little dude you are Oliver. Here’s to our incredible little warriors!

  22. Such awesome news!!!! Our lil ones seem to be almost at the same rate.(although they all do differently)…..except we are still weaning from pain meds!!!One hour and one day at a time….
    Positive thoughts, faith, hope, and prayer get me through.

  23. Nikky Taylor permalink

    I’m so so SO HAPPY that this post exists!!! Oliver is an amazing, strong little boy and I’m so happy for all of you!! Sending big hugs as always xx

  24. I got goosebumps reading this post. So happy that the light is finally shining in for Oliver and all of you and pray for continued progress in the days to come. The work that the medical team do is truly a labour of love and I am glad you are all able to rejoice in Oliver’s progress together.

  25. Rachael Morhall permalink

    So happy for you all! Go Oliver! We knew you had the fight in you, you’re doing so amazing, keep going!

  26. Oliver’s personality shines out of his eyes. I think his own being has also helped him fight this fight. What a relief that he is doing well. What a wonderful example, too, of the power of so many prayers and so much love, most of all from you and Tim – his incredible parents – but also from the growing “Ollie Fan Club.” God is love, and that love will always be there for us if we reach out for it when we need it.

  27. Erich permalink

    So inspiring. Such a moving story. Keep fighting Oliver and congratz.

  28. Lani permalink

    I’m so in love with a little baby I never met! Keep on fighting Ollie! You are one amazing guy and my little Lukas wants to see you for a playdate when we get back to Toronto. 🙂

  29. Marco permalink

    Excellent Excellent news. So happy to read this post. Enjoy holding your little one and doing all things “normal.” The rest of us will remember not to take any moment for granted with our own little guys!

  30. Audrey permalink

    My heart is gushing for you!! What a beautiful and strong little boy you have!!

  31. michael casey permalink

    Such Great news guys. Really great pics. Wishing all the best for your family.

  32. Sahar permalink

    I am so moved by your story, I have birth to my son Noah close to when Oliver was born and I have been following your story since then. You are an incredibly brave women. I have cried a lot reading your blogs but today was the first time they were tears of joy. Thank You so much for sharing your story it makes us realize how lucky we are. I hope only good news will follow this post and you will be able to bring Oliver home soon. Sending you all the positive energy I can generate!!

  33. Tanya permalink

    I may have lots of spelling mistakes in this post through all my tears….tears of JOY for you guys…..You can see that Ollie is happier now….see his smiles in all those pics….he’s doing it mom and dad….he’s doing it 🙂

  34. Rejeanne permalink

    I am so so happy and relieved that Oliver is doing well and breathing on his own! He is so sweet and so brave! His smile melts my heart!

  35. Sarah Diggle permalink

    MY goodness, we are so thrilled to hear how strong Oliver is! AND his wee face has changed so much Alex, so cute I could munch him! You are also looking very well, and beautiful (and very like your mom) Amazing, saving up cuddles to bring over when we see you xx

  36. Rebekah permalink
    This is a fascinating article about chyle and breast milk. Oliver is a little dreamboat!

  37. louise boucher permalink

    Hi Alex,Tim,Poppy and my darling Oliver. What’s that a greatful tear running down my cheek?
    Those Oliver eyes are saying I knew how you felt all along Mommy, although I could’t tell you I wanted you know all would be well and will be well. I’am being held up in miraculous healing light and love daily. Keep up the wonderful positive attitude Dear Wessons, I pray for Oliver’s and your continued strength daily. I will never take for granted being able to hold my grandson Brandon,who is 6 wks old today!!! Love you Nannalou

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