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August 8, 2012

He’s doing good! His gas came back great. He is beautiful. Keep praying he can stay like this all night! Xo

Good Luck Marci & Super RT Christina extubating our Ollie!

Family 🙂


Humidifier hood to help his irritated esophagus and deliver 35% oxygen


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  1. What a beautiful little boy! Keep it up, Oliver. I love your coordinating hats and blankets.

  2. Oh happy day! What a sweet face! ❤

  3. Bambie permalink

    Such a wonderful moment! Love being able to see his face! I have you all in my thoughts.

  4. mmmzaw permalink

    What a beautiful boy! I was so happy to see this post today… I am friends with Dr. Erin and have been following Ollie’s journey. I think of you all often and am sending good thoughts and strength.

  5. Lyn permalink

    What a gorgeous face!!! Great job Oliver. Praying for a quiet night.

  6. Yaaaaay what an eventful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will not beleive, while looking at pics from yesterday I was thinking hope we get to see that face without the big tubes…and Lo Behold today. What a handsome hunk.

  7. Touched by your story permalink

    sending extra prayers for Ollie to have the strength to keep breathing on his own!!! Go Ollie Go. Go Ollie Go.

  8. Marj Kangas permalink

    I am so excited for you. Oliver is a beautiful baby and such a fighter. I will continue to keep him in prayer. Also, I have been keeping Rosalia updated with Olivers journey and she sends a message. “have faith, ask and you shall receive” she sends her love and will also continue to pray for all of you.

  9. maryriker1201 permalink

    Tears of joy for you all! Congratulations! Ollie is so gorgeous! Our God is truly awesome! Sending love and prayers from FL, USA!

  10. lyndsey baker (syme) permalink


  11. Simply precious. Congratulations to Ollie for being such a fighter. And to his family and friends for never giving up.

  12. Happy Breath-Day, Oliver!! Samuel’s extubation was really one of the most amazing days ever for our family. Being able to see his little face without all the tubes and tapes, to hear his squeaky new-voice noises, and to pick him up without the critical airway worries… all felt pretty magical. These photos of Oliver and your family made me teary. So happy for you. Now just need to get rid of that chyle!
    Mama to Samuel, lcdh, Feb1/11

  13. What an absolute hero. I would wish him strength, but honestly, little Oliver gives me strength to get through the day. My roughest day is nothing when I think of Ollie. GO MY LITTLE COUSIN!!!

    Cousin Greg.

  14. louise boucher permalink

    Hi Oliver from your adopted Nannalou, you must be feeling so free right now. Prayer is nothing short of miraculous. You look so content even in your humidifer tent. I know the joy on your parents faces
    is reward enough for you and you are looking forward to all the good things to come. Love xoxoLouise

  15. Mom of two permalink

    Yaaaaay Ollie!! Keep up the good work!! He is soooo cute!! 🙂

  16. Celia permalink

    He looks like you, Alex! He’s just so so cute! And the videos are awesome, his little cry! Gah, had me in tears!

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