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My Little Fighter: Aug 7, 2012

August 8, 2012

Not much to report today, hooray! We both got to snuggle with Oliver, which was magical. He is an excellent cuddler. He’s continuing to tolerate his food well, and is still on full TPN, so he’s getting bonus calories to help him grow big and strong. He’s getting pretty close to being off the fentanyl which will be nice. Still rockin the CPAP. His chyle may be slowing down, which would be incredible but I’m afraid to get my hopes up so I’ll wait a few more days before making any official declarations. All good news over here πŸ™‚

My parents neighbors KJ & Kiki made these amazing cookie packages for all the staff today, and everyone was raving about them. Dr Marco saw the biscotti and said, in his adorable Italian accent, “it’s like I’m at home!” Isn’t it wonderful that that’s the big news for today?

Praying SO hard that Oliver continues on this path. Lots of people came by today to remark on how far he’s come and how incredible the fight in him is. I guess when you see these guys a lot, you don’t necessarily expect kids as sick as Oliver was to even make it to this point. Way to surprise everyone, Ollie! I’m not sure I really understood how close to not making it he has been. Sure, I got scared, but based on today’s conversations I maybe wasn’t scared enough. Which I’m fine with. It’s certainly not over yet, but I’m happy Oliver’s proven that he can’t be counted out. Xo





With Nurse Marci (who we adoooore)!





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  1. so happy to see continued progress! he’s fighting so hard and we’re praying so hard πŸ™‚ so glad to see that you’re getting a chance to snuggle with him!

  2. Jordana H. permalink

    The snuggly photos make my heart melt. Love!

  3. I come to check every night wishing for the best news and Ollie surely does not disappoint!! Way to go little man.

  4. Celia permalink

    God bless you Oliver!! You’re such a good sweet boy!

  5. oonagh permalink

    love this post! GO OLLIE! And that picture with him tucked in up to the eyes is too cute for me to deal

  6. Mom of two permalink

    Great job Ollie! Keep getting better and better!!
    You are THE cutest baby!! πŸ™‚

  7. Lyn permalink

    Oliver looks AMAZING in the pictures today!! Praise The Lord! He is a wonderful little fighter. πŸ’™

  8. Lori permalink

    Im not sure exactly how….but I have had the privilege of following your story……Oliver is the most persistent little guy ever!!! And that will make him a great man…..destined for greatness!
    I send him all the positive energy that I can muster up!!! What a gift he is!!!!

  9. He’s a miracle! His eyes say so much. Yay for snuggles! Keeping you in my thoughts as I wait to deliver – at hospital waiting to dilate more.

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