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Extubation Today!

August 8, 2012

Oliver is going to be extubated (breathing tube removed) today at 1:00. Please pray that he tolerates this well, that he doesn’t get too tired, and that he doesn’t need to be reintubated. We are so excited to see his whole face and to hear our little boys voice for the first time ever. I cried when Marci told me. She was here when they sent him for surgery too, she is his good luck charm. Babies often need to be reintubated so I’m praying with all my energy that Oliver will be strong enough and ready enough for this enormous step. Xo

With a soother last night

I can’t wait to see his face!


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  1. Joan Tyler. permalink

    Extra prayers for Oliver today……lots of love.

  2. Cam permalink

    I will be thinking and praying for your little man and you and the fam all day 🙂 Thinking and sending lots of love to you guys always! xoxo

  3. lyn permalink

    OMGosh, yes, I will pray extra hard today for your gorgeous little Ollie!! Go Oliver!

  4. susan kwolek permalink

    I cried when I heard this news. I am praying real hard!!!

  5. varla permalink

    What great news !! All my love and prayers for you and your family today ! Go Ollie ! We know you can do it ! Love and hugs!
    Varla XO

  6. Debbie permalink

    Oh WOW this is so exciting! Go Ollie go!

  7. YEAH! I can’t wait for the pictures!

  8. Mom of two permalink

    Good luck today!! Sending extra positive vibes and prayers your way!! You can do it Ollie!!

  9. medstudentitis permalink

    so excited for you!

  10. Lori permalink

    Holding my breath…..and sending what I’m holding, to little Oliver!!! His big eyes are so full of life…..YOU CAN DO IT OLIVER!!!!

  11. Eric M. permalink

    Let’s go Oliver!

  12. Tanya permalink

    so excited, so optomistic….go Ollie!!!

  13. Keep up the fight little man. Prayers are with you.

  14. louise boucher permalink

    Remember you in prayers everyday Oliver, and especially today. Louise

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