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Cuddles: Aug 6, 2012

August 7, 2012

Today was a lovely, snuggly, swaddley day in Ollie Land. Last night Tim held him, like for real held him, for 2.5 hours. And then today I got to do the same! No boards, nothing separating us, just parents arms cradling baby. I obviously cried like an idiot. And loved every single second of it. While I was cuddling my baby, my mommy and daddy came by so they got to sit with us, although not hold him because it’s a pretty serious ordeal to move him with all of his accessories. It was so nice. And normal. Normal is really nice. His nurse tonight swaddled him, which he also loves, and which is also so normal. Normal is nice.

Medically he’s doing well, still on CPAP, still spewing chyle, still clotty in the neck. His feeds went up to 2mls today and he tolerated that well so tonight he’s up to 3! He seems considerably less hangry.

Poppy Land was a different story today. You know how little kids love to be held by their hands and swung in circles? And we all do it, all the time? Well apparently it can cause something called nurse maids elbow, where the elbow pops out of place and it’s very painful. That happened to poor Poppy today, but I’d never heard of it so I took her home and gave her Tylenol, a soother and an ice pack. Luckily a friend told me she needed to go to the doctor, so I drove her over to Sick Kids right away. You would think the universe would have some kind of rule preventing two of your kids from being in the hospital at the same time. It doesn’t. Fortunately it was a very quick fix, and once everything was popped back in to place she was good as new, back to her happy, silly self. As usual, all the Sick Kids staff were beyond incredible, and Tim and I couldn’t believe how FAST they were! ER trips are supposed to be at least 18 hours. This was maybe 45 minutes. Easy!














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  1. Robin permalink

    maybe you’re getting frequent flyer miles or loyalty rewards or something 😉 big hugs to brave Pops!

  2. cousinjenn permalink

    Love the hat!! But mostly I love the picture of the mommy with the baby in her arms with HER mommy and daddy in the background.

  3. Keep up the good work Ollie!!! And LOVE the pics 🙂

  4. Mom of two permalink

    Beautiful series of pictures, so happy to hear Ollie is eating well and Poppy is such a brave little girl! Continuing to pray for your little boy every day and sending you positive vibes! Your story is trully touching!

  5. Congratulations to all four of you! Cuddling is such a huge milestone! I know Oliver loved it as much as you did. Also, congrats to Poppy for being such a strong girl. An injury on a limb has to be debilitating for a child. I love hearing the posts of movement foward.

  6. lyndsey baker (syme) permalink

    Can not believe how far he has come …. although there is still a way to go … he is such a strong little fighter … must have felt that the “i get to give my baby a cuddle ” day would never come and look !!! it has!! welldone for being so strong yourself and remaining so positive in such a time of immense pain … your family is an inspiration to others!!

  7. Yaay for cuddles, wow that a wonderful day!

  8. We were on vacation last week and as soon as I had access to a computer I came here to check on Oliver. So glad to see how much progress he’s made in a week. Nice work, Oliver. You’ve gotten cuter in a week too. Sorry to hear about Poppy’s arm. Glad she’s feeling better too.

  9. So happy to read your update! We had to wait almost 7 long weeks to hold our girl and oh what an awesome feeling it was! I am so happy for you! He looks awesome too!!

  10. TJ Wallace permalink

    He’s so so beautiful. I will be praying for improvement with the chyle.

  11. Touched by your story permalink

    Priceless, precious moments. Ollie surely felt the love. Hang in there little boy! Sending prayers, love, virtual hugs and positive thoughts your way every day until you get discharged home! That’s my motto on this blog.

    As for Poppy – such a cutie and such a cute name too – we did the same thing to our daughter when she was 3 – swinger her between 2 adults. They see these cases comin thru the door at the ERs – in our case the triage nurse yelled to her colleagues, ”another dislocated elbow on the way in!”. Message from the arthropod who yes, in 2 seconds flat had the whole thing fixed – ergo the best and only way to fly in an ER visit! – was, ”though shalt not swing a little kid between 2 adults – the elbow joint is not formed enuf to hold together”. OK then. Never again. She’s 27 today and a doc herself, so she wasn’t any worse the wear for it. Poppy was so brave. She’ll make a wonderful big sister!

  12. Jordana H. permalink

    So sad about Poppy! That happened to me as a kid for the same reason. Sending lots of love and kisses xox

  13. Jennifer permalink

    you held your baby!!! i’m so happy for you!! i have been wishing this for you ever since i came across your blog.. blessings and healing to your family

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