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CPAP & Food! Aug 5, 2012

August 6, 2012

CPAP is going well. Oliver is still on it! He’s initiating all of his own breaths. He is at 30-5-0-9. This is a pretty exciting and big step! This morning his respiratory rate was a bit high, but he seems to have gotten better and he’s managing to keep his co2 in a good range. So we’re pretty happy for now! He won’t be extubated until the chyle slows down though, so from a lung perspective he’ll be here for a while now.

He is getting food in his tummy now! The formula is called Portagen and it is low fat so as not to aggravate his chylothorax. He is getting 1 ml/hr through the NG (nasal gastro) tube in his nose, which goes in to his stomach. A normal baby would eat 4-5 mls/kg/hr, so Ollie’d be closer to 15mls/hr but we are the masters of baby steps around here, so 1 it is. They will monitor his chyle to see if feeding him has a negative impact. Let’s hope not! He is still getting TPN, so they’re not starving him, although the ultimate goal is to discontinue it one day.

Surgery doesn’t want to talk about surgery yet so we’ll wait til Tuesday for that decision to be made. Or discussed, anyway. I know I say it all the time but I’m constantly blown away by how much people CARE about Oliver. The world really is a wonderful place full of people just waiting for a chance to surprise you with their amazing-ness. Xo



Less than excited about tape change

Ah man!


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  1. Rosie permalink

    We are so happy to see Oliver is doing better. We have been praying for him. May each day bless him with strength and health.

  2. Oh man, this series of pics is too cute, I cannot get over his mesmerizing eyes.

  3. Sheena permalink

    So happy to hear he is making big improvements everyday! Still following your story and still saying many prayers!

  4. Mom of two permalink

    Such a beautiful baby with the most amazing eyes! So glad to hear he’s slowly but surely getting better, and continuing to pray for him!

  5. Annie permalink

    Such great news every day! Let’s hope it’s all uphill from here!

  6. CPAP! That’s fantastic. Baxter hated CPAP, though his was this crazy helmet thing that crushed his head. It was quite dramatic. Oliver looks great. What a star!

  7. Way to go, Ollie! He looks adorable in these pictures. Can’t wait to meet him. Love and prayers to you all.

  8. Sarah Diggle permalink

    Love sent your way across the pond, I love Oliver’s elephant shoes from the other day too! Beautiful to see him each day, thanks for all of your amazing blogs Alex – hope you, Tim and Poppy doing well x

  9. he’s a trooper! him initiating breaths is just amazing. may God keep breathing life in him.
    i’m just waiting for my delivery date… not sure if i should go ahead and induce him tomorrow night! i’ll be channeling all your strength!

  10. Diana Winsor permalink

    I am so happy to hear improvement, even if it is baby steps. It is okay as long as they are in the right direction, right?? I saw a picture of Tim holding Ollie; I am so happy that you guys can finally hold your baby. It must have been so hard not to. I am sure it was worth the wait!! You guys are doing awesome! Still praying, and have a lot of friends praying for Oliver as well.

  11. cousinjenn permalink

    Oliver gives good facepalm.

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