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Four Weeks Old! July 30, 2012

July 31, 2012

Happy 4 week birthday Oliver! For his birthday, he got a new big bed and we got a quiet day. He can regulate his own body temperature now so he gets a big crib. He was slowly weaned down, now he’s almost where he started. And he got weighed for the second time ever! A big 3.8kgs. He also got his catheter out (again) and had his first pee ever! And then he peed again! Uncle (Dr) Dave came to see Oliver today which was great for Tim and I. He left us feeling pretty optimistic for our Ollie and that’s a nice feeling.

The chyle is still going strong, but the medicine will take 3-4 days to start having an effect. Please pray that they do and we can put this chyle problem behind us. A line in his foot came out today, and being Oliver, no one could get another one in him. There’s even a team dedicated to putting lines in when no one else can. They couldn’t do it either. They were talking about shaving part of his head to put a line in his scalp, and I was agreeing as long as they made it symmetrical. Then Nurse Super Sam had a wave of brilliance and did some line math, removing the need for the line! Problem solved! Sweet hair intact! It was a good Monday. Xo



Hanging on to Sophie

Getting weighed

Fingers crossed for a good day tomorrow!


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  1. Joan Tyler. permalink

    Thank God……..keep on praying so that Ollie can improve daily.

  2. Aww cute, he is soo adorable with those mesmerizing eyes. Here is wishing him a good day tomorrow.

  3. Jennifer permalink

    Ah I am so happy for you!! Sounds like a terrific day, mama! Keep fighting little man, you have a lot of people cheering you on! I hope he keeps on improving!

  4. Happy 4 weeks to Oliver. Love the grip on Sophie. Praying the meds do their job and resolve the persisting chyle obstacle.

  5. I love the big eyes!

  6. Mom of two permalink

    Happy 4 weeks to Ollie, the cutest little fighter ever!! Hopefully, he’ll feel even better tomorrow! Continuing to pray for him and for his chyle medications to work soon. He really is super cute!

  7. Way to go, Oliver! I love the hand clutching the giraffe and the crossed fingers. He looks so bright eyed today. Our prayers never stop.

  8. Jemma Chalmers permalink

    Happy 4 weeks Oliver! Love the new bed and bright eyes. Thinking of you all daily, with everything crossed for more quiet, enjoyable days.

  9. Tanya permalink

    Happy 4 week b-day!! Hang on to Sophie buddy, you can do it… are doing it!!! Remember, when fate leaves you flat on your back, it leaves you looking UP- that’s for mom and dad :)!!!!!

  10. Touched by your story permalink

    Happy 4-wk birthday to Ollie! He looks stronger and healthier every day. Keep those great milestones coming Ollie! Really puts everything about life into perspective when we cherish things like peeing and getting a real big bed. Thank G-d for those. Praying that the chyle will end!!!

  11. Crossing his finger, holding on to Sophie, moving into a big boy bed and having a pee. This sounds like a perfect sort of day. Now if only he could make a duck face…

  12. Celia permalink

    So happy to read this!! Happy birthday, Oliver 🙂

  13. Rejeanne permalink

    I can’t believe that Oliver is 1 month and one day! Crazy! He is so adorable with his fingers crossed!

  14. Hi Alex and Tim (I hope I’ve got the names right….): You don’t know me, and I hope I’m not intruding. I’m a friend of Jennifer Wesson, and she posts your blog on Facebook. I’ve been following avidly for a week or more now – I look forward eagerly for the news each day, and I cheer out loud when the news is good! Your blog is so moving, and Oliver is such a little hero. Well, you all are really. Oliver is the focus of the beginning of each day now. I just wanted you to know that I am rooting for him, and for you.

    Peter Ramsden

  15. Marj Kangas permalink

    Celebrating all your mile stones Oliver, Tim and Alex you both are incredible parents for Oliver and for Poppy. I will be continuing to pray for strength for your beautiful little man, you guys, and the team at sick kids. Blessings Marj

  16. He’s a fighter! I love his little fingers crossed. Gooo Oliver!

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