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Smiling: July 28, 2012

July 29, 2012

Today was a lovely boring Saturday. It actually felt like a weekend day. Oliver was stable all day and they were able to wean his oxygen down to 30 and his pressure down to 14. So now he’s at 30-5-45-14 (he needs to get to 25-5-0-10). The staff doctor Hady said that he’s doing really well so now his big concern is the chyle. Dr Jackie said the same thing, that the biggest threat to him now is complications from the chylothorax. They’re all feeling pretty confident about his weaning off the ventilator. I’m so excited!

Which is not to minimize the chyle problem. It is a real problem. But it doesn’t strike me as being AS big as the lung problem. He’s still losing a lot of fluid. The fluid contains a lot of good stuff, stuff he needs to fight off infections. And those two holes in his chest want to let infections in. So you can see the problem. They are replacing half the fluid he loses with platelets. And they’re giving him drugs to boost his immunity and culturing him daily to stay on top of everything. He’ll also be on antibiotics anyway for 4-6 weeks because of his clots. It is definitely scary. BUT I’m still busy enjoying the optimism surrounding his lung. I’m going to focus on my gratitude for that today.

He was so awake today, and everyone is really happy with how he’s tolerating that. I’m really happy with how cute he is. I swear to God he was smiling today. It was incredible. And he woke up and made angry faces and then pooped just like every other baby does. Really it sounds small but it was incredible. He’s just so lovely. Tim texted me today that when he rubs Oliver’s sideburns he falls asleep. I am so lucky to have such an amazing man as the father of my wonderful babies. I feel really lucky today. Xo

SMILING! If he can be happy in this situation then I can be too

On his right side! Nothing short of a miracle.

Yup. I’m lucky.


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  1. Susan Kwolek permalink

    I am thrilled for you all! Oliver , keep up the good work. Your precious smile warms everyone’s heart

  2. Melissa Reid permalink

    Thank you for the update. I am Mike Overton’s wife and Cecilia’s friend. We are sending good vibes and love to Oliver and your family everyday. So happy to hear good news.

  3. Awww little Oliver is smiling and it is wonderful to see. Glad to know those numbers are coming in line.

  4. medstudentitis permalink

    he’s so darn cute!

  5. Tanya permalink

    You are lucky!!!! And I have a feeling luck will stay on your side…..have a great week!!!

  6. louise boucher permalink

    my little grandson Brandon was born July 7th. in our prayer group I gave thanks for his healthy birth, then Anda said a prayer for Oliver and told us a bit about his story. Each day when I pray for my 4 grandsons I include my “adoped” OLiver. So glad to read he is coming along. I hold you all in my prayers. Blessings Louise Boucher

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