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Testing, testing: July 27, 2012

July 28, 2012

When I walked in to Oliver’s room this morning I immediately panicked. I knew I’d gotten too optimistic. I knew this roller coaster was going to throw me a curve ball. And there he was, surrounded by people in sterile gowns with the bronchoscopy machine and I knew I was right. Last time that machine was here he was having a hypertensive crisis and almost died. I was terrified. But, it turned out I was wrong! They just wanted to get a look at his little nubbin of a left lung and he was finally stable enough to do it. They wanted the nubbin to inflate more and when they got in there they saw all kinds of goo that they then suctioned out. As Dr Langer said, when your lungs are so puny, every little bit helps. So I panicked for nothing and then I hugged Dr Cox because I was so happy everything was ok. Sometimes I hug people that maybe it’s a little weird to hug because I just really need a hug. Like the time I lost a kid on a field trip and then hugged my Principal when we found her.

He is doing well, so as a reward they abused him with 1,000,000 tests today. Bronchoscopy to see his nubbin lung, a head ultrasound cos of heparin (they see something that could either be a small bleed or nothing, they’ll look again tomorrow), stomach ultrasound to make sure that’s all good (it is), echo to see his heart (he only has one saturation monitor on now so I’m thinking maybe good news but the official results aren’t in yet) and of course the regular X-ray. Plus his awesome nurse Sarah helped us give him another bath, which we love and he hates, but it’s not up to him, he needs to be clean! A crazy busy day for little Mr Wesson.

Dr Erin says he hates Mondays but works hard for the weekend. That was certainly true last week and this one. I can’t believe it’s been a week since he had surgery. I can’t believe he’ll be four weeks old on Monday. I can’t believe this is starting to feel normal. But mostly, I can’t believe how hard Oliver and all his medical friends are working. What an incredible journey we’re on. Xo

Resting in between tests

Sleeping soundly tonight


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  1. Susan Kwolek permalink

    He looks very content and comfortable. Lots of good vibrations sent your way

  2. He is amazing. Travel patiently and hopefully, love you x

  3. Celia permalink

    So glad that there was nothing to panic about today! What a relief! He’s looking a little chubbier in his pics today! Way to grow little one! Love the black and white pattern things for him to look at in his bed 🙂

  4. Mom of two permalink

    Keep on getting better little Ollie!!! Continuing to pray for your beautiful little boy and your family Alex!! He trully is a blessing!!

  5. Aaron Faulkner permalink

    Alex – you have such a handsome little boy! I found your blog because of Rondina’s Facebook page and I am glad that I did. I cannot imagine what you are going through, but I have to say that I admire your courage greatly. My wife and I wish you, Oliver, and the family all the best.

  6. Mairi Hart permalink

    I’m on the blog through Pete Mahoney’s facebook. My babies are 22, 19 and 17 and they will follow this with me and root for your little one. He’s going to be okay, medical science is incredible. That little heart beating outside of your chest will get stronger and stronger and we will watch and cheer you on!

  7. A good day and that is nice to see!! YAayyy.

  8. It is funny how they use a ‘medically stable’ ay to run tests and give baths. Baths and xrays would send Jack into a little tizzy which meant the following day would be an adventure. Usually never too bad but they have to tell us they were uncomfortable some how, I guess. Glad to see you enjoyed a stable day. I’m praying for MANY more in a row.

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