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Another Day, Another Tube: July 25, 2012

July 26, 2012

It’s official, Oliver has ordered one of everything. He’s a tough little fighter this guy. They decided yesterday not to put a tube in his right side but on his X-rays this morning it was pretty clear they were going to have to. Draining the left side left all kinds of room for the right side to fill up with chyle, so in came Dr Demetri to do Oliver’s 4th procedure in 6 days. The poor baby. But he keeps fighting, and it’s not just in my head, everyone keeps commenting on it. He’s got the right spirit. Which he’ll need to recover from all these procedures and get that lung going!

Because of the combination of his clots and his staph infection, he is now also being followed by Infectious Diseases. As the clots break apart, more staph will get in his blood stream because it is being stored inside those clots. So he will have to stay on antibiotics for 6 weeks to make sure he doesn’t get reinfected. So now Oliver’s friends include PICU, General Surgery, IGT (Image Guided Therapy), Thrombosis (Blood Clots), ID (Infectious Diseases), and of course Michael Marshall (Sick Kids Chaplaincy). He’s a pretty popular kid.

Now for the exciting news: he is now on the lowest ventilator settings he’s been on. I know all about one step forward, two steps back and the horrible roller coaster, so I’m not going to get too excited, but it’s still a big day in Oliver-land. His doctors are happy. He looks good. It’s a lovely feeling. He’s not getting extubated any time soon, but he is making moves in the right direction. His O2 is 40, his PEEP is 5, his frequency is 45, and his volume is 15. It needs to be 25-5-0-10. So he’s far, but he’s closer. And I’ll take it!

Giving everyone stink eye this morning

He only gets one sock now

Being gorgeous for Daddy

Symmetrical tubes & an arm restraint so he’ll quit reaching for his breathing tube


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  1. Aww.. the stink eye 🙂

  2. lyn permalink

    Oh, Oliver! What an adorable face! What a tenacious fighter!! Way to go. You continue to be in my prayers.

  3. Still saying tons of prayers for Oliver!!! Keep fighting little warrior!!

  4. Mom of two permalink

    Go little Ollie! You are an incredible little fighter!

  5. Karen Cree "fross" of Beth's :) permalink

    Alex, you are one amazing person and you sure do inspire me every single day. I truly can’t wait to read your updates about your son each and everyday. He sure is a strong little fighter, must be passed down from his parents. When you are finally home safe and sound I can only imagine how happy you will all be. May your positive energy continue to help you all with this difficult journey. God bless you and your family.

  6. I am glued to your blog. I check it multiple times a day. Even when I was in Mexico for a week! Thank you for writing it. I feel closer to you when I read it and closer to Oliver when I see his pictures. I pray for him everytime I see his lovely face. Hugs!

  7. I am glued to your blog. I check it multiple times a day. Even when I was in Mexico for a week! Thank you for writing it. I feel closer to you when I read it and closer to Oliver when I see his pictures. I pray for him everytime I see his lovely face. I love you guys!

  8. Eric M permalink

    Oliver-land! What a fighter.

  9. You are simply amazing. God is shining through your positive and faithful spirit. I’m 38 weeks pregnant with Timoteo and we are rooting for your Oliver.

  10. Those eyes…I can see why you relish every moment that they are open and looking at you…they are beautiful and Oliver is so cute. I am sorry he is having to face so many obstacles…I can’t imagine how tough these days are for all of you. Prayers that the doctors and nurses continue to figure out what ails him so that they working along with Oliver and that fighting spirit and God’s guidance overcome these obstacles and having some easier days on the road to recovery.

  11. Awwww…. the 2nd last photo. Sooo cuttttteeeee!!

  12. Rachael Morhall permalink

    I’ve only been reading your blog the past week, but I’m so impressed with how strong Oliver and your family are. He’s a really gorgeous wee boy. Any steps forward are amazing, don’t let the fear of steps backward take that celebration from you. He’s doing you and himself proud. Keep going Oliver.

  13. Those eyes are so mesmerizing. He looks so beautiful!!! Any little steps forward is a step forward. Wishing more good days his way.

  14. Marco permalink

    My wife has been following your blog, and now so am I.. I wish you strength and courage during this time. Your not alone, we all want your little guy to pull through this difficult ordeal. Thanks for sharing little Oliver’s story with us. He’s a little fighter.

  15. He has beautiful hair. Love the stink eye. Keep fighting Oliver.

  16. Oliver is quite the ninja. Thank you for the updates! My mom used to tell me that when Jack was making those small changes forward that he was learning to crawl. It’s true. They creep forward a little, they fall down and they get back up and creep forward a little more. I’m so happy to hear that his vent settings are falling. I watched those numbers like a crazy hawk.

    The stink eye (aka poop face) will be a popular look.

  17. Sarah permalink

    He’s so beautiful. I’m from the july 2012 birth club. Glad to see he’s making progress

  18. Celia permalink

    This first photo breaks my heart, he looks so exhausted 😦 I’ve got this little guy on my mind all the time. I pray that he continues his fight and grows up big and strong to tell of all the struggles he had as a baby. Keep fighting Oliver!

  19. Hang in there Ollie! Great to hear he’s doing better today. We’ve all fallen in love with Oliver.

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