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The Roller coaster Ride’s Not Over Yet: July 22, 2012

July 23, 2012

Today Oliver was doing ok. Not as great as yesterday but still ok. His fever got quite high (39), as did his heart rate (170s), which everyone was pretty confident was caused by the fever. But by 48 hours his fever should be going away. They took a bunch of cultures and started him on precautionary antibiotics. They also took out his catheter, which he is really excited about, to take away one possible route of infection. Now he can pee like a real boy. He pooped today, so we know his bowels are working, which is actually very exciting news. With everything relocating in to his abdomen they have to watch for signs that everything still works. Kidneys? Check. Bowel? Check. His ventilator settings went down the tiniest bit, but Raghad explained they don’t want to push him. Marci, his nurse since Friday, was really funny today, she put a bag of ice on his head to help cool him and called it his “iced cap”. It was an excellent joke. So although he wasn’t doing as well today I managed to calm my nerves with the “he will be vary sick after surgery” mantra.

He had a slightly rougher evening. He’s desatting and not recovering from bagging as well. Dr Cox sent for X-rays and tried all kinds of things. They’re not quite sure why he’s doing worse now than he was. They’re hoping it’s the infection, but for now he’s on higher ventilator settings. I’m hoping this is only a temporary measure and that those antibiotics start working quickly and he’s totally ok. The alternative is too scary to think of. Xo

I know you guys are busy laughing about this whole iced cap thing, but what the heck is this thing on my head?

Going through withdrawal as they reduce his fentanyl



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  1. Kate permalink

    the heart shaped tape is so cute.
    I’ll be thinking of you all today!

  2. Aunt Diane permalink

    I would love to plant a tiny little kiss on the heart shaped bandage on his face.
    aunt d

  3. look at the cool ice cap! best wishes to you.

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