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Not Doing So Hot

July 23, 2012

Oliver had a rough night and is having a rougher morning. He’s had a fever, and sepsis is not good. They had to switch him back to the oscillator last night to clear co2 but they couldn’t oxygenate him well on it so he’s back on conventional for now with high co2s. High co2 can lead to heart failure but low oxygen can lead to brain death, so right now it’s the lesser of two evils. Surgery came by and said that the anatomical problem has been fixed, but he still doesn’t have good lungs. It was a different doctor, and she explained that lungs that can’t clear co2 don’t always resolve that. His tummy is very blue, which could be bruising or could be poor blood flow to his intestines, so he’ll have an ultrasound to check that out. There is a fluid bubble in his chest which you’d expect to see on the left but is in the middle. It may or may not be compressing his lungs so he’s going to get it drained and they will culture that as well. His lungs are a little wet so they’re upping his lasix. Plans for weaning the fentanyl have been put on hold.

Dr Cox and Bev are taking care of him today, so I’m really confident he will get the best care possible. But, without being alarmist, they both suggested that today might be a good day for Tim and I to be here together. I’m really scared. I know we have asked for a lot of your positive energy, but Oliver really needs it today.



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  1. Oh Alex, I cannot imagine how scared you two must be… but you’ll get through this hurdle, too. Even though I don’t have faith in a celestial being, I do have faith in the two of you. You’re both amazing.. and Oliver is an amazing little boy. ❤

  2. Sarah Diggle permalink

    Alex, we spoke with the Wright’s yesterday – we’re coming over this Christmas, and I am counting on gorgeous Oliver giving me a cuddle… All our love today, and kisses for Poppy x

  3. Aaron Faulkner permalink

    Alex – our thoughts and prayers are with Oliver and your family.

  4. lyn permalink

    Praying for your darling little boy, his doctors and your family.

  5. Irene permalink

    I’ve gotten to know you through the posts that one of my friends writes on your status updates. I recently suffered a loss, but I never got to know or hold that child. When I read your updates, I am in tears. I cannot wrap my head around how you must be feeling watching your sweet one struggle for life and have to contemplate all the possible outcomes after having the opportunity to touch and smell your sweet baby. My heart goes out to you all. May you continue to find the strength to fight.

  6. Susan Wesson permalink

    My friends are all asking me how Ollie is doing, and sending their love, their hopes, their prayers. You have SO many people on your side. It may feel lonely and scary right now – but don’t feel alone. We are all there with you, Sweetheart. Love you.

  7. susan kwolek permalink

    Hi Alex and Tim:
    We are sitting here thinking of you and praying harder than ever that today Oliver will fight back hard. Mum (Joan Tyler) is here with me and together we re sending you an avalanche of prayers and good vibrations. Hang in there together!
    Sue and Joan

  8. Asia permalink

    Hi Alex,

    I am praying for you.

    – Asia

  9. Laurie Williams permalink

    You guys are in my thoughts and prayers!

  10. I am so sorry that Oli is not doing well today. I am praying for a miracle today. For God to intervene in a million ways in Oliver’s body today and just to heal him. For wisdom for the doctors and nurses to make the best decisions. For strength, and peace for you and your husband. I know when Finley had a couple of scary days – I couldn’t make it past 10 minutes without needing to pray. It is ok to be scared. Belief in God, strength – none of those things mean the absence of fear. We are all here, interceding in prayer – asking God to just help you through and make it through this day and all the days.

    Keep fighting baby boy!

    Continued love and prayers,
    Dooley family

  11. Kate permalink

    keeping you in my thoughts today.

  12. Diana Winsor permalink

    Oh no, I didn’t want to hear that. Oliver has been strong so far, so I pray that he continues to be even stronger. Miracles do happen, and if anyone deserves it, it is you and Tim, and not to mention Oliver, plus the rest of your extended family. We are all praying for little Oliver. Keep strong. I will be watching anxiously to hear how he makes out today.

  13. We are praying very hard for Oliver. We prayed for him and all of you at Grace Church yesterday as did Jesse’s parish in Scarborough.

  14. Oh no I was late on checking in and I did not expect to see this. I am sending all my prayers and strength to little Oliver, come on sweetheart fight!!!!

  15. Alex, I don’t know your family but saw your blog on a friend’s Facebook page and ended up reading from the bottom up. I have fallen in love with Oliver through your pictures and your descriptions of his beautiful personality and strength (which is shining through in his pictures despite the medication and tubes). I just wanted you to know that another person is praying for Oliver, and all of you, today.

  16. Jennifer permalink

    I’m a fellow July mom from BC. Just wanted to let you know I have been, and will continue, praying for your sweet little Oliver.

  17. mamacooke permalink

    our whole family is praying for yours. for God to heal his little body. for strength for you and your family. for great decisions from the doctors. and for peace in your hearts. sending so much love to you. xo.

  18. Sarah permalink

    So scary. 😦 Sending all my thoughts and prayers your way. Xoxoxo

  19. Val permalink

    Sweet Jesus, cover Oliver with your healing hands. You are the chief physician, we trust that you are able to move immediately, heaven come by here. Prayers, prayers, prayers.

  20. Aaron permalink

    Good Luck Oliver. Wishing you all the best. Stay strong little guy!

  21. Lauren permalink

    Alex, I saw what was happening with your beautiful son on facebook. I am thinking of you and Tim and am sending all my thoughts and wishes your way.

  22. Julie Wajcman permalink

    My heart and love goes out to your entire family. I value that you are sharing such difficulties and precious moments with us.
    Send out all possible vibes to the Universe for you. Big, big hug

  23. Kim Peace permalink

    Amazing how – I don’t know you but you touched my heart little one. May God Bless you sweet little man! Hugs dear family!

  24. saw a link on facebook about your handsome and strong little Oliver. May God lift you up and give you strength- my prayers are with you and your family! I know what it’s like to go through Hell and high waters for my newborn and not know what’s going to happen. I’ve been there, to a different degree. {not CDH} . good luck to all of you, and I will continue to follow your story!

  25. Nancy permalink

    THinking and praying for little oliver..

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