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Fluid Seems to Have Been the Problem

July 23, 2012

When they were preparing to drain his chest, Dr Demetri told us they wouldn’t take more than 60 mls. But as they were doing it, they saw such a difference in him that they ended up draining 115 mls. Which is basically his entire chest. His lung can expand again and he’s looking good. His heart rate is 50 beats lower. It seemed to make all the difference. On the X-ray, they can now see that there is also a pocket of fluid on the right, so they are giving him more lasix in the hopes that he’ll pee it off. This is the normal course of treatment for CDH babies, the chest tap is unusual. They will continue to closely monitor it though.

He also seems to have some fluid building up in his abdomen, but we don’t know what they’ll do about that yet. His cultures came back positive for a staph infection, but the antibiotics they’ve been giving him since last night are the right ones so hopefully that’ll start improving soon. Dr Janice described the infection on top of the excess fluid as insult to injury. Thank you everyone for all your prayers, helping Oliver fight through this newest hurdle and giving his doctors the wisdom to find and remove it. Xo



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  1. Eric M permalink

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Oliver.

  2. Val permalink

    Thank you Jesus…come on Oliver…keep fighting!

  3. ashley g. permalink

    so happy to know you are being taken care of by such amazing staff! glad they found the problems and ollie is feeling a little better! will keep praying for you guys! lots of love xoxoxox.

  4. This is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. I started following your blog – and Oliver has me completely wrapped around his little finger. I have been thinking and praying for your family constantly since I first heard about Oliver’s fight for life. You are an amazing family – and such an inspiration to all parents. Keep fighting Oliver!

  5. varla permalink

    Keep fighting Oliver! All of us out here following your amazing mom are praying for you so very very hard and sending you all our love and positive vibes all day and all through the night!!! XO Varla

  6. varla permalink

    Keep fighting Oliver !! All of us following your amazing mom are praying so very, very hard for you and sending you all of our love and positive vibes. Hugs for you ,Alex . XO. Varla

  7. Nikky Taylor permalink

    LIKE! Thank you Alex for the update, I have been checking FB a lot since your last post! So happy Oliver is doing better now, he is a little fighter!! Big hugs to you all x

  8. Nadia permalink

    I have been following your posts ever since I chanced upon your blog via a friend’s newsfeed. Your writing and strength and the photos of your adorable bambino have touched me greatly. I am wishing wholeheartedly for Oliver, and am aware that so many others are doing so too. To have made such a mark and be so young – he’s a special little guy.

  9. Jayme L permalink

    This kid Oliver he is one hell of a tiger! Keep up the good fight kid!

  10. Laura permalink

    Hi there. A friend of mine shared your blog on FB today, and I just want to let you know I will be praying big time for your little man, and your family, and Oliver’s doctors! I’m not sure if you’re the praying type, but my heart breaks for you guys. I’m a new first-time mom, and when I think about how courageous and strong (not that you have a choice) you guys are, it blows me away. I think I would have melted.
    I will be following your updates and looking forward to watching Oliver recover and grow up to be a strong, handsome man!! God bless ox

  11. Mandi permalink

    Hello from Texas! I too stumbled upon your blog via a friend’s blog, and now I check yours everyday for an update on Oliver. He is such a strong baby! And a cutie! Your (his) story is so inspiring, and I now know after reading several of these blogs that I am on the right track in my life. I am finishing up my second year of nursing school and plan on being a NICU/PICU nurse, with CDH as a specialty. Keep blogging and we’ll keep praying!

  12. Anne permalink

    Keep fighting Oliver, our family has included you and your family in our prayers- you are showing us what strength really is !

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