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The Right Side of Surgery: July 21, 2012

July 22, 2012

I still can’t get over yesterday. Between Oliver’s surgery and Eliza’s birth it was an enormous day for the Taylor family. I can’t stop picturing Grandma and Grandpa smiling down at us from heaven. Not to mention the Wessons, with Dave’s student using what he’d taught her to save his great nephew. What a miraculous day July 20th was.

Samuel’s mom Corinne describes what recovery will hopefully look like beautifully here Her amazing son was treated at Dr Erin’s hospital and I am now pretty sure his was the story Erin told me to give me hope in the most fear-filled days of my pregnancy.

Oliver has had an ok day today considering the ordeal he went through yesterday. He has a fever but that’s expected, and they’re treating it with a snazzy ice hat and Tylenol. His heart rate has been a little higher and at times he’s breathing a bit fast but these are both caused by the fever. Dr. Cox actually said he was pleased with how Oliver is doing. I made him say it twice. Angela, his nurse from last week, said on a scale of 1-10 (10 being bad) he’s a 3. Dr Cox prepared me for 10 so I’m pretty thrilled. He’s not on any new drugs and they’ve been tinkering with his ventilation, although this evening he’s back where he started as the fever is putting a strain on all his systems. Luckily for him, Irene is taking care of him overnight and she won’t let anything bad happen. She calls him “my baby”. 🙂

There’s been a parade of nurses through his room today, all coming to see the baby they helped get strong enough to get fixed. I love every one of them. They did this. With their love and patience and knowledge. Their care allowed him to grow and gain strength and prepare himself for the ordeal he had to go through and the recovery he now faces. It’s a long tough road. His left nub doesn’t look like a complete lung, so it probably won’t grow & function. His stomach is huge and red and hot and angry. His lung is still working hard. But his big obstacle has been removed. It’s up to him now. And God.


Monsieur Wesson, oui oui!

A whole face!

Ice hat


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  1. Jayme L permalink

    Awesome I love God!

  2. Jayme L permalink

    While yes I do love G- what I was trying to say was I love good news! Happy to hear Oliver is doing well!

  3. cousinjenn permalink

    Does Poppy have a wonderful baby doll? I was thinking, if you got some of that licorice whippy thin stuff, you could tape it on the baby to be just like Oliver for her. I cannot imagine how to explain all this to Poppy. I remember Maggie being very interested, at a couple of months shy of 2 years, to see Rebecca, but the very first thing she did was pinch her. HARD. An Oliver Poppy can play with at home who has some of the same paraphenalia on him might help. But then again, what do I know? His open eyes look so beautiful.
    Thanks again, Alex, for the writing.

  4. Joan Tyler. permalink

    Each day I thank God that Oliver is getting better…..and I continue my prayers for all of you.

  5. Ahh sending all my love to the beautiful little man! He’s such a tough fighter!! Keep up the good work little dude ❤

  6. Diana Winsor permalink

    What an awesome suggestion about the doll like Oliver! Poppy can take care of the doll like you are taking care of Oliver. I am so happy that Oliver made it through the surgery, and hopefully he will improve each day! Still praying!

  7. About the doll, the medical staff could help make the doll more Oliver like as well….. they did that for my kiddos when our youngest was in the nicu (32wkr). Love and prayers.

  8. Wow! It was the weekend and then I checked and I saw this. Great news that he had the op! I really hope he is doing well today and not too sore. He really had the whole shabang up there, didn’t he. What a marvel. Go Oliver!

  9. Dear Alex, the idea that you might have been told Samuel’s story to give you hope made tears spring to my eyes. Does Dr. Erin know Sam? Or just by reputation? 🙂 He is a bit famous around these parts and so you should prepare yourself for Oliver’s celebrity to grow also.

    Glad that you are on the right side of surgery, that things are better than expected. I know (oh my how I know) that it is a long road but there is something that shifts once you are no longer waiting for them to die. Hang in there, Alex and fam. Sending up prayers.

    Mama to Samuel, lcdh, Feb1/11

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