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Surgery Now: July 20, 2012

July 20, 2012

They just wheeled Oliver in to the OR for his repair surgery! Pray as hard as you can for a smooth surgery for him & his surgeons and for an easy recovery. He had a good day yesterday, a smooth night and a good morning so Dr Mema and Dr Cox decided he’s ready. Dr Himidan came and got him and now we’re praying. He has to be on his right side for the surgery so they can access his defect & offending organs but he hates it so pray he tolerates that as well. All forms of good mojo are welcome!!! Thank you so much.

Also, here he is awake yesterday, i made a video:


His last photo without a scar (I’ll prefer the scar)

So he remembers he’s got something to fight for

Prepping him for surgery – on his right, ack!

Final preparations

Off he goes!


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  1. I will send every single good vibe your way.. thinking of you!!! Go Oliver!!!

  2. lyn permalink

    I’ve been following Olivers’ amazing journey. Yeah Oliver!!!! Remember, so many of us are waiting, wishing and praying with and for you all

  3. The scar will heal! We’re praying really hard. God bless Oliver!

  4. Praying praying praying for Oliver and the amazing people taking care of him and his loved ones.
    Corinne, mama to Samuel

  5. Thoughts and prayers are with you. God bless.

  6. Jenn Judson's mom permalink

    PRAYING !!!

  7. Sandy Nicholson permalink

    Sending prayers your way.

  8. Jenn Judson's mom permalink


  9. karen permalink

    What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson Oliver has so much more fight within him and so much to fight for.

  10. Joan Tyler permalink

    Praying hard for all concerned especially for our brave little Oliver who is fighting so hard to overcome all these obstacles……..St; Jude please pray that the doctors and surgeons will help him and that the surgery will be successful……Mother Mary help Alex while she waits during this very stressful time. Have courage Alex and Tim and all Ollie’s family.

  11. Rejeanne permalink

    We are praying, and my relatives are praying too…We love him so much, even though we haven’t met him yet!

  12. Sarah permalink

    The photo of him with the pictures of his family made me tear up.
    Sending all the positive vibes I have to Oliver!!

  13. Jayme Lunt permalink


  14. Lara E permalink

    Scars make for good stories, and I’m sure Oliver will get to tell the story many times! Positive vibes your way!

  15. lyndsey baker (syme) permalink

    Alex, tim and poppy, my family and i, over here in england and back in thornhill will be praying as hard as we possibly can for you and your little one! my finger and toes are crossed….. although im sure oliver is just lying there thinking… ” hey guys, whats all this fuss about?? do you know how strong i am ?? ive got this in the bag!!!” Go ollie go!!

  16. Wishing all the very best to little Oliver!!!

  17. Praying for Oliver and thinking of all of you.

  18. Maureen Richler....Jenn's Mom permalink

    We are thinking of you (my sister in Montreal has been following your journey).
    Good Luck Oliver!

  19. All my prayers coming your way. He’ll do great. Good thoughts coming your way too. Sometimes I think they should sedate the parents too. It would be so much easier. ; ) I was always looking for my medications. Nobody ever offered.

  20. Nikky Taylor permalink

    Sending the biggest, hug-filled, positive vibes to you all!! Oliver, we are all thinking of you!!!! Xo

  21. Marj Kangas permalink


  22. Alba Tucci permalink

    Oh my Lord ! I am praying so very hard !

  23. diane permalink

    Praying for Oliver

  24. Angela Stanescu permalink

    Send positive thoughts and prayers for Oliver’s surgery.

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