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He’s Out! Short Update

July 20, 2012

He’s out! He did fine! He tolerated it well. His whole liver was up and gave poor Dr Himidan a hard time but she’s a superhero and she won! I’ll write a full update later. We are so grateful to everyone for all their positivity and to God for taking care of him! More later I promise.




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  1. Alba Tucci permalink

    Amen !

  2. Marj Kangas permalink

    Amen is right. Trusting he will continue to strengthen him:)

  3. Joan Tyler. permalink

    Dear God…..he finally made it safely out of surgery……now we must all continue to pray pray pray that our beautiful Oliver will continue to fight and get well…..we must not forget to thank God for helping him this far. I keep playing the video and I could swear I could see him smiling. Ollie is such a beautiful angel.

  4. So happy to check this out. Yayy go Oliver. Now his lungs have more space to grow and this part of the journey us going to be so much better.


  5. Nadya permalink

    I read this and have tears of joy!!! I’m soooo glad I have no words! I’ll keep sending positive thoughts and can’t wait for the updates. Just checked the video…oh my, Ollie is adorable 🙂

  6. Jasmine permalink

    Yay little buddy!!!!!

  7. Jayme L permalink

    What a kid you got there folks! Lots of love Wesson family….xoxo

  8. Natalie Hicken permalink

    Alex, we are rooting for you here in London. Go, Oliver, Go!

    Natalie (friend of Cecilia)

  9. kareth permalink

    So thrilled to hear Oliver has come through this hurdle a champion.
    I thank God for keeping safe. I continue to pray for you all. Keep holding on to you faith.

  10. wordpressnancy permalink

    Thank you God….

  11. medstudentitis permalink

    phew. I’ve been sweating it all day as I’m sure you have x 1000. I’m glad things worked out ok in the OR.

  12. Nancy permalink

    Soo happy for your family.. We don’t know eachother but saw your incredible story thru a friends Facebook page but had to write something! Been thinking how brave and inspirational you all are and am so happy that Oliver did so well! All the best to him and your family!

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