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Holding our Breath, Back on Conventional: July 17, 2012

July 19, 2012

Today was a busy day. Not good, not bad, busy. We switched over to the conventional ventilator this afternoon (yay) but he wasn’t doing so hot (scary) so they decided to switch his tube to the 4 with a cuff (yay). It took him about 2.5 hours to get to somewhere they were happy with on his co2 and his heart rate was still quite high. They gave him some more fluid which helped bring it down. Now he’s sitting on relatively high ventilator settings but he’s stable, thanks to his tireless nurse Bev and his fabulous RT Carol. Let’s pray that he can stay on this thing long enough to have surgery. And let’s pray surgery fixes him and I get to one day bring my gorgeous boy home. His nurse tonight is Ruth and she is the baby whisperer so I am going to bed quite confident.

Both of Oliver’s grandfathers came for a visit today, and I ran in to a friend whose niece is in the cardiac wing of our unit who took time to chat with me. A lovely group of generous people sent a great big fruit basket to all the amazing people who are working so hard to save Oliver’s life. And when today got to be too much, my mom and Poppy took me for an ice cream. Tim’s Uncle Dave took the time to talk to him about Oliver’s progress. My RT friend Allison came to sit with me tonight and go through Oliver’s numbers with me. Friends continue to take care of our needs. You took the time to read our blog and think of Oliver in your busy day. We are constantly amazed by the people around us and so incredibly grateful. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts & wishes. They mean more than you can know. Xo

Poppy: “Daddy see Oliver! Baby cute.”

Sophie keeping a watchful eye, thanks Ruth!

“We took his neers off, we have no reason to be concerned about his neurological function.” Translation: Ollie’s a genius.


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  1. Lani permalink

    I love that you can see his sweet little head now. Thinking of you guys! xo

  2. Amy permalink

    Came across your birth story on BBC and have been checking in to read about Oliver’s progress every day. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family each day ❤

  3. Jill wesson permalink

    We are so in love with Ollie. I pray for him constantly. I will be in town this weekend and will pop down to the hospital. I understand I might be able to see either of you or Ollie. Uncle Dave and I will be back by August 30th or 31st. I know Ollie is the first stop.

    BTW, Dave comments on the brightness of Ollie’s eyes when ever they are open. They are huge and gorgeous, just like his sister’s.


  4. Jill wesson permalink

    I meant to say that I would not be able to see Ollie. We love getting the photos.

  5. He is adorable! Jack blew bubbles like that constantly. I loved every bit of it.

    I feel ya on the friends in the medical field and their value. I have an RT friend as well who works at Children’s and would come talk to me about Jack’s progress. I loved her raw interpretations. It made me feel like I had a handle and a little control over what was going on (I didn’t). Oliver already looks 10X better than Jack did at this point (he was also on ECMO for 2 weeks). I only have experience and none of it is medical but I think you guys are looking great. Keep up the good thoughts.

  6. Let’s try this slow and steady this time. His head is supercute.


  7. Rejeanne permalink

    Alex, I hope that you are feeling better. I am so glad that Oliver is doing better!

  8. Halei viescas permalink

    Hi, my little family went thru similar son had surgery at 4 days old but stayed on the vent for about 5 weeks. Switching back and forth from oscillatory vent to conventional vent Until they switched his vent to a nava vent it was a miracle machine. I saw improvement from day 1! My son even seemed more comfortable. Just know it’s gets better. And one day in the near future hopefully you will looking back wishing he was small again and would sit still for a minute lol

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