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Tim says he’s bored, I say good! July 18, 2012

July 18, 2012

I’m really sorry about the crappy post yesterday. I’m on antibiotics now and feel much better. I’m still red & sore, but the fevers gone and I don’t feel flu-ey anymore. Tim knew I was sick cos it was 39 degrees (celcius) and I turned off the air conditioners, put on a sweater and lay down under a pile of blankets. I’m glad that part is over now. Thank you everyone for your concern and help! Poppy ran around yelling “Mommy boobie hurt!” So cute.

So yesterday Oliver started out rocky with a high heart rate and low blood pressure, but changing his position fixed that along with a bolus of fluid because with the more frequent gases the poor guy really is getting low in the blood department. He spent the rest of the day happily chugging along and staying stable. He’s off the nitric and the norepinephrine now, so he was on the oscillator, tpn, lipids & fentanyl continuously with boluses of lasix and atavan when he needs them. Back to where he was.

Today we came in and he had ear plugs in. His nurse Ruth decided that the oscillator is loud and annoying and she’d want earplugs if she were him. It’s like a little candy corn in his little ear. Hilarious. He’s also getting potassium because he’s peeing it all out with the lasix, which they’re laying off now because he’s looking not too swollen around his chest on the X-rays. Their plan for the day is to try to wean his shake (amplitude) and then switch him over. The shake helps him get rid of co2. His RT Carol argued that he needs a bigger tube, that the co2 problems are being caused by his large air leak. He’s got a 4 in, she’d like a 4 with a cuff. Apparently 4 is already huge for such a little guy. But Dr Mema is concerned because the procedure is risky, so she’d rather not. She would prefer to switch him first and then if there are problems switch the tube before sending him back to the oscillator. Of course all of this is contingent on getting him to the conventional ventilator in the first place.

There is a lovely resident here from Oman named Raghad. She has a 17 month old son in Oman and I cried when she told me about it. There are no pediatric intensivists in her country and she wants to be able to help the babies over there. She’s making this huge personal sacrifice of spending years away from her own child to help other people’s children, both here and there. I think she’s amazing. She tries to talk to us every day to help us understand what’s going on with Oliver, but today she’s arranged a meeting with Dr. Mema and herself for us to get a big picture idea of where this might go if he doesn’t co-operate with their terms.

So that’s our plan for the day, Poppy is off enjoying a super fun playdate with her Grandma, her little buddy and his grandma. The Grandma’s know each other from a Whale trip to the Dominican and now they can bond over being Intensive Care grandma’s. Poppy’s friend was also here when he was born. With a heart defect, not CDH, but staying here is staying here. And he’s amazing now. Totally 100% normal or better! He’s Oliver’s inspiration. Xo

“My word!”

Candy corn ear protection

  1. Caroline permalink

    I feel like all I ever have to say is I love you, but that’s all my heart wants to say. I love you so much.

  2. Hope you all get some good news today at the meeting.

  3. Marj Kangas permalink

    Alex and Tim. Oliver is so previous. As I read through your blogs I celebrate with you and at the same time I am praying for you. God gives us new graces and strengths every day so when your tired rest in him and look forward to each new day. Blessings Marj

  4. Marj Kangas permalink


  5. alba tucci permalink

    Tim and Alex: Oliver is a special ( and really cute ) gift. God gives us these special gifts because he knows whose hands he placed them in. He’s a package you have to handle with extra care.
    With love Alba
    ps love and kisses to Poppy

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